Life update.

Well, this time next Sunday, we may well be waiting for the okay from the doctor to come home, bringing with us the latest addition to the Ward clan.

Yep. It’s getting real. Again.

Addy knows something’s up. She can’t quite put her finger on it, except when she reaches out to pat Mom’s expanded belly. She also wondered why stuff like the smaller baby crib and a few other items that have been put away for almost a year are now out and about again, as they were encroaching on her space and all the new stuff she has to play with.

Mom’s ready for this to be over, and we both realized the other day that we’re not apprehensive or nervous this time around. Hey, we figured out what to do last time. We know (mostly) what to expect. Piece of cake, right?

Um, yeah. Whatever.

As for me? I’m spending today putting the finishing touches to the 4400 manuscript, so that we can send it on to Pocket Books tomorrow. We also turned in our latest article for Star Trek Magazine on Thursday, and we’re waiting to hear back on that, as well.

Tomorrow is President’s Day, and a work holiday for me, so I may get to enjoy one last day of peace and tranquility before Chaos descends. By Wednesday we’ll be in full swing, as my mother flies into town, after which I’m sure we’ll be off to the races.


Adding on….

Looks like the Ward clan is getting another member.

Michi is pregnant again! It’s also going to be a girl, and the due date looks to be end of February/first of March. Might even be a leap year kid! So far, mom and baby appear to be doing just fine. While it wasn’t a planned deal, we’re both happy. They’ll be close enough in age that they can grow up together, and I might even still be alive by the time the youngest one graduates high school. Besides, all of the clothes Addy outgrew — some of them even before she had a chance to wear them — can be given to the new kid.

(Oh, and the first person to ask when we’re getting a mini-van gets my boot in their anus.)