Unreality SF presents: The Media Tie-in Story of 2008.

As reported by Unreality SF, the snazzy little news and info site with a focus on media tie-in fiction, David Mack (infinitydog) has earned top honors for the first installment of his Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, Gods of Night. Congrats to Dave!

As for our 4400 novel, Wet Work, it ended up placing sixth. Considering how frikkin’ shocked I was that the book made the list of finalists in the first place, I was going to be happy no matter where it landed in the ultimate ranking.

It was a strong field of contenders, featuring several friends of mine, and we therefore found ourselves in mighty fine company. Many thanks to Unreality SF for hosting the poll, to all who voted to get Wet Work nominated at all, and then voted again once the final list was announced. It was quite the pleasant surprise, and is very much appreciated.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be back in the hunt next time.

How the hell did that happen?

I learned from reading kradical‘s LJ that Unreality SF is conducting a poll for best tie-in story of 2008. I was further surprised to learn that the 4400 novel Kevin and I wrote, Wet Work, is among the 10 finalists.

If you read Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, even 4400 tie-ins, you might want to check out the site, which posts all kinds of news, reviews, and interviews relating to the media tie-in field. I’m not going to ask that you vote for our book, as the list of finalists is full of strong contenders, including entries by fellow Trek scribes kradical, terri_osborne, infinitydog, and Christopher L. Bennett. I’m only gonna ask that you go, vote for your favorite if it’s on the list, and support the site. The poll closes on March 22nd, so be quick about it!

Cast your vote!

And to the person/persons who nominated Wet Work: If you’re reading this, thanks very much!

A Wet Work review.

The good people over at Unreality SF have posted a review of our 4400 novel Wet Work.

Read all about it!

While I have a couple of very minor quibbles with one or two points they raised, they’re certainly not anything I can’t live with. Overall, it’s thoughtful and balanced, and by any measure a quite favorable review. And hey, we definitely appreciate the exposure (Hey! Somebody actually read the thing!).

Cover for The 4400: Wet Work

Nice way to start the day. 🙂

A nice way to start the day.

Got my first piece of fan mail this morning about our 4400 novel Wet Work, from Singapore, of all places.

Wet Work cover

One of the things I love about the Internet is how it’s able to bring people together from anywhere in the world with no effort. I have friends I would never know if not for the ‘net, e-Mail, message boards, and so on.

Definitely a nice way to start the day. 🙂

Wet Work

4400-wetwork4400 taken. 4400 returned.
With no memory of where they’ve been.
And they haven’t aged a day.
Some have returned with startling new abilities…

1992: For nearly a decade, the international assassin known only as “the Wraith” has eluded authorities. Political leaders, powerful heads of business, terrorists known and suspected have numbered among the many victims until — without explanation — the Wraith disappears….

2005: Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris are investigating Jordan Collier’s murder but they’re pulled off the case. Washington believes the Wraith, a one-time freelance agent for the U.S. government, is active again. When a high-ranking CIA officer who oversaw the rogue operator’s activities is killed, evidence at the scene points to the Wraith and that this highly-efficient killer is now a 4400. The NTAC agents only have thirteen-year-old leads to follow an assassin who was never caught. Suddenly, the Wraith kills another Returnee. Why? What does this mean? Can the mounting fears of the 4400 be right? Or is this just one Returnee who has gone off the track? Baldwin and Skouris need to know, but will they find out before the Wraith completes this deadly covert objective?

Mass Market Paperback from Amazon.com

New interview at Unreality SF.

Daniel Berry of Unreality SF has posted a new interview with me, where we talk about the various projects Kevin and I are working on, including our forthcoming 4400 novel, the next installment of the Star Trek: Vanguard series, and a few other cool things.

You can read the entire interview by clicking on this linky-type thing right here.

Thanks to Dan and Unreality SF!

Wet Work cover!

I was updating my Amazon author profile info and noticed that they’ve posted the cover for Wet Work, our 4400 novel. Therefore, I guess that means I’m safe to pimp it here. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version at my site:

Cover for The 4400: Wet Work

In related news: Yesterday, I handed over my first-pass pages from the manuscript to Kevin for his perusal. After he goes over them, he’ll mail our changes back to our editor later this week. Woo and a bit of Hoo goin’ on there….