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New interview about 24: Trial By Fire!

“Dammit, Chloe!” With all of the hoopla surrounding Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary, which included my involvement in not one but two books released in close proximity to that momentous occasion, it’s easy to forget that I had another book published … Continue reading

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Trial By Fire

24 BEFORE LONDON…BEFORE CTU… BEFORE THE CLOCK STARTED TICKING…. 1994. Tateos Gadjoyan, an Armenian arms merchant, has been a target of the Central Intelligence Agency for years. Efforts to thwart his selling of American military weapons to terrorists have been … Continue reading

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Lookie what the Book Fairy brought. Dammit, Chloe!

Fresh off the press and ready to kick ass and take names for 24 hours at a time. That’s right, boys and girls! The Book Fairy dropped a book bomb on me today, delivering my author copies of Trial By … Continue reading

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Saturday news roundup: 24! Vegas! Interview! Polls!

It seems I’ve been remiss with this blogging thing, so I figure a single post to address all the stuff I keep forgetting to write about is in order. Might want to refresh your drinks, folks. We could be here a while.

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Talking with Nerd for A Living!

Yes, I’m still in vacation mode. No, you can’t really see me. Just pretend I’m not here. Back in May during Planet Comicon, I was interviewed by Adron Buske, one half of Nerd for A Living, who — in their own words … Continue reading

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24: Trial By Fire…the cover!

Yes! Just in time for the weekend, all minty fresh from my publisher this very morning and still marinating in that new car smell, we have the final, approved cover for Trial By Fire, my forthcoming 24 novel. Behold, yo: (Click … Continue reading

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24: Trial By Fire…it’s almost a really real book!

We’re getting close, folks. Today’s mail brought with it a box from my editor at Tor. What was inside? Why, this little gem: What do we have here? For those unfamiliar with “advance uncorrected proofs,” they’re an “almost final” version of a book … Continue reading

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Cover copy for my 24 novel: Trial By Fire!

So, the other day I was asked via e-Mail about my forthcoming 24 novel Trial By Fire. Apparently, something purporting to be the book’s plot had been posted to the 24 Wiki site, and my e-Mailer wanted to know if … Continue reading

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The UPDATED big honkin’ books pre-order links post.

Yes, my blog titles don’t really leave a lot of mystery, do they? Back in November and after a couple of folks on Facebook requested as much, I posted a bunch of links that would allow interested peeps to pre-order … Continue reading

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24: ROGUE, by David Mack: Comin’ at ya in September!

One of my partners in crimes against the written word, the redoubtable David Mack, was able to offer up some great news to his readers and fans: Tor/Forge Books and Fox Licensing have approved his manuscript for Rogue, his forthcoming … Continue reading

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