Novels & Novellas


Moments Asunder Star Trek: Coda – September 2021
Agents of InfluenceStar Trek – June 2020
Available LightStar Trek: The Next Generation – April 2019
Drastic MeasuresStar Trek: Discovery – February 2018
Hearts and MindsStar Trek: The Next Generation – June 2017
Headlong FlightStar Trek: The Next Generation – February 2017
Trial By Fire24 – September 2016
Elusive SalvationStar Trek – May 2016
Armageddon’s ArrowStar Trek: The Next Generation – June 2015
Peaceable KingdomsStar Trek: The Fall – January 2014
From History’s ShadowStar Trek – August 2013

That Which DividesStar Trek – March 2012 (Story w/Kevin Dilmore)
– collected in Star Trek: The Continuing Missions, Volume 1 – January 2013

Paths of DisharmonyStar Trek: Typhon Pact – January 2011
Counterstrike: The Last World War, Book II – April 2010
Open SecretsStar Trek: Vanguard – May 2009 (Story w/Kevin Dilmore)
The Genesis Protocol – February 2006
The Last World War – September 2003
In the Name of HonorStar Trek #97 – January 2002

with Kevin Dilmore

Purgatory’s Key Star Trek: Legacies, Book 3 – September 2016
All That’s Left – Star Trek: Seekers
#4 – November 2015
Point of DivergenceStar Trek: Seekers #2 – August 2014 (Story w/David Mack)
What Judgments ComeStar Trek: Vanguard – October 2011 (Story w/David Mack)
Wet WorkThe 4400 – November 2008
Age of the EmpressStar Trek: Mirror Universe – Glass Empires – February 2007 (w/ Mike Sussman)
Summon the ThunderStar Trek: Vanguard – July 2006
A Time to HarvestStar Trek: The Next Generation – May 2004
A Time to SowStar Trek: The Next Generation – April 2004
FoundationsStar Trek: S.C.E. Book Five – March 2004


The Armageddon DirectiveMars Attacks – March 2016
In Tempest’s WakeStar Trek: Vanguard – October 2012
Almost TomorrowStar Trek: Vanguard – Declassified – July 2011

with Kevin Dilmore

The First PeerStar Trek: Seven Deadly Sins – March 2010
Turn the PageStar Trek: Corps of Engineers – December 2006

Things Fall ApartStar Trek: Mere Anarchy, Book One – September 2006
– collected in Mere AnarchyStar Trek – March 2009

Distant Early WarningStar Trek: S.C.E. #64 – June 2006
– collected in What’s PastStar Trek: Corps of Engineers – August 2010

Where Time Stands StillStar Trek S.C.E. #44 – September 2004
– collected in Creative CouplingsStar Trek: Corps of Engineers – December 2007

Grand DesignsStar Trek: S.C.E. #39 – May 2004
– collected in Grand DesignsStar Trek: Corps of Engineers – July 2007

Home FiresStar Trek: S.C.E. #25 – February 2003
– collected in BreakdownsStar Trek: S.C.E. Book Seven – May 2005

Foundations – Part ThreeStar Trek: S.C.E. #19 – August 2002
Foundations – Part TwoStar Trek: S.C.E. #18 – July 2002
Foundations – Part OneStar Trek: S.C.E. #17 – June 2002
– all collected in FoundationsStar Trek: S.C.E. Book Five – February 2004

Interphase – Part TwoStar Trek: S.C.E. #5 – March 2001
– collected in Miracle WorkersStar Trek: S.C.E. Book Two – February 2002

Interphase – Part OneStar Trek: S.C.E. #4 – February 2001
– collected in Have Tech, Will TravelStar Trek: S.C.E. Book One – January 2002

12 thoughts on “Novels & Novellas

    1. Thanks! I like your idea of offering a place for others and their work to be pimped. I don’t want to copy the idea outright, but I’m thinking of offering something similar here. 🙂


  1. Hello!
    I have the entire collection of the Star Trek Vanguard books here. In fact I’m reading “What Judgement Come” right now. Amazing! In fact I actually met David Mack on the subway here in Queens some years ago, he was reading either the third or second or even fourth in the series. It also had both you and Kevin on the masthead…. Great stuff!


  2. MR. Ward, Could you please tell me the title of the sequel to “Available Light?” I tried ordering it from Amazon, and the computer reacted like a precursor to the M-5. It coughed up “Hearts and Minds,” which is the novel BEFORE Available Light. It’s been a year since Available Light was published, so I had thought by now the sequel would surely be out.


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