Dylan McCade!

A new audio serial adventure from Sci Fi Commons, based on an original tale by Yours Truly!

Late in 2012, David Taylor asked me if I might be interested in writing a story which could be adapted for audio drama, or even if I had something which might work as material for adaptation. As it happens, I had just such a story sitting in my files, written oh so long ago. Folks who remember my old AOL days might recall a Captain Proton riff I did way back when. Well, I dusted that off, reworked everything to freshen up some jokes as well as to remove any Proton/other-Trek related references, changed up a few other things here and there, and WHAM! One pulpy SF serial, ready to rock.

Next, David took my scribblings and with the able assistance of a talented troupe of voice actors breathed life into my words. He also went hog-wild with all sorts of nifty music and sound effects, creating what we all hope is the first in a series of pulpy SF audio dramas featuring this cast of characters.

Oh, and did I mention you can listen to the whole thing and read the original story for the low-low discounted price of FREE? Yeah, it’s like that.

Links to the show:

“The Terror of Entropia’s Ice Cannon!”

Chapter 1: “Entropia’s Vengeance!” – Originally released August 5th, 2013
Audio | Prose

Chapter 2: “Attack of the Asteroids!” – Originally released August 5th, 2013
Audio | Prose

Chapter 3: “Peril On Pluto!” – Originally released August 6th, 2013
Audio | Prose

Chapter 4: “Target: Jupiter!” – Originally released August 7th, 2013
Audio | Prose

Chapter 5: “Into Entropia’s Lair!” – Originally released August 8th, 2013
Audio | Prose

Chapter 6: “The Final Confrontation!” – Originally released August 9th, 2013
Audio | Prose


The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade, created and written by Dayton Ward
“The Terror of Entropia’s Ice Cannon!” Original Story Copyright © 2013 by Dayton Ward
Audio Adaptation Copyright © 2013 by Scifi Commons

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