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Happy 35th Anniversary, Blade Runner *AND* The Thing!

That’s right, movie fans! It’s a double dose of Geek Movie Milestone Goodness! 1982 is arguably one of the best summers ever so far as awesome movie releases goes, and two reasons for that are right here. 35 years ago … Continue reading

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Comic-Con Professional Badge: The Unboxening!

The first few times I attended San Diego Comic-Con as a professional, the process of obtaining your “professional credentials” was straightforward, albeit soul-killing. Even for the years I don’t go, I always register for my badge, anyway, as it’s usually … Continue reading

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Yes, this thing still works.

I figure (read: “desperately hope”) there’s at least a couple of you out there wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing the last week or so. The answer is that I’ve been bussssssssssssssssssssy. There are several things in … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s Captain Picard Day!

Today, June 16th, is “Captain Picard Day.” What, you didn’t know this? Shame on you. That’s right, today we pause to recognize the life and accomplishments of Jean-Luc Picard: captain extraordinaire, explorer, diplomat, tea connoisseur, and 24th century renaissance man. … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Anniversary, The Dirty Dozen!

“You will select twelve general prisoners convicted and sentenced to death or long terms of imprisonment for murder, rape, robbery, and/or other crimes of violence and so forth, and train and qualify these prisoners in as much of the business … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Predator!

So, what happens when you’re a special operations unit called in to rescue the crew of a downed helicopter that’s been taken hostage by guerillas in a Central American country you’re not supposed to be in, anyway? Even on a … Continue reading

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Talking Hearts and Minds with Literary Treks!

For reasons that defy understanding, people like talking to me. On occasion, they even record my yammerings so that other people can then listen to them. It’s a weird thing, I tell you. This time, I slide up to a … Continue reading

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Star Trek Adventures: Pre-Orders are live!

I’m a little behind the curve posting about this, but hey! This is the kind of news that only gets better the longer it’s around, amirite? Modiphius, purveyors of cool games far and wide, kicked things up a few notches … Continue reading

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Headlong Flight and Hearts and Minds audiobooks. Okay, NOW they’re real.

Thanks to a very helpful lady at Simon & Schuster Audio, I now have in my possession some nice, old-fashioned CD versions for the audiobook editions of my two most recent novels. Aren’t they pretty? For those of you who’ve … Continue reading

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Happy 35th Anniversary, Star Trek II!

“Aren’t you dead?” June 4, 1982: After the commercial and critical oddity that was 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, those of us who were all into the Trek were worried what this sequel might bring. Would it be like … Continue reading

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