Happy Birthday, Lee Majors!

The Six Million Dollar Man himself celebrates his 84th birthday today!

Yes, I know he’s had a long, full career, both before and especially well after his bionic adventures, but he’ll always be Colonel Steve Austin to me. Okay, with a side of Colt Seavers. And maybe a dash of Christopher Chance. And Pop Scarlet.

A check of his IMDB page shows he’s still finding ways to keep plenty busy. I’m actually kind of tired just reading it all. He’s currently involved in a handful of upcoming projects, and recent interview appearances just show he still looks like he could outrun me pretty easily. Here’s hoping I can find my way to having half his energy when I’m his age.

Also? I fervently maintain that Lee Majors has the manliest running stride in the history of running men. Fight me. I offer into evidence this bit of bionic bravado from the very first episode of the TV series, “Population: Zero.”

And yes, I was definitely one of those kids who would offer up my best bionic sound effects as I ran around the neighborhood in something attempting to resemble “Steve Austin slow motion.” I somehow managed to avoid breaking any bones while performing all manner of “bionic” stunts.


Geek Fact: When I was a kid, I so wanted a jacket like the one in this pic.

Geek Fact 2: I kinda still do.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Majors!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Lee Majors!

  1. I’ll still gladly call The Six Million Dollar Man my favorite TV show. And one of the all-time best geeky moments of my life was meeting him, Lindsay Wagner, and Richard Anderson, at a con just a year or two before Anderson passed.

    That Population Zero clip is still the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of the show. Just a great scene.

    There is a knockoff of that “NASA Jacket” online somewhere but I don’t know of anyone who claims to have actually bought it. It doesn’t have all the patches but I’ve got them mapped out on the off chance I feel like faking a version one of these days.

    Think it’s time to watch the “Kill Oscar” episodes again…

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