Star Trek: Discovery – Somewhere to Belong has a cover!

Look at that, right? The big news, laid out right there in the headline. No enticing you to click through to a crappy “independent” news or gossip site. No leading you on in a wild goose chase as you desperately attempt to decipher whatever encrypted message to which I might be alluding before making you suffer through a poorly written if not A.I.-generated and badly edited piece which offers information of little to no consequence.

That’s right, people. I respect you all enough to make sure that when I offer you information of little or no consequence, it’s locally sourced directly from my own keyboard.

“Hey, Dayton,” I can hear comeone calling from the stands. “Get on with it.”


You’re here because you probably saw a tease of the pic included wherever the link to this post pops up, so here’s the whole thing. As created by artist Cliff Nielsen, the cover to my upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel Somewhere to Belong:

(Click to biggie size)

I’d already posted the back cover copy a while back but I’m all about reminding you of such things, so here it is again!

An all-new novel based upon the acclaimed Star Trek TV series!

Captain Michael Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery are finding that each day is a critical adjustment to their new lives and new missions in an Alpha Quadrant more than nine hundred years in the future. It’s here that Discovery is reconnecting with various worlds where the cataclysmic event known as “the Burn” has decimated Starfleet and, with it, the United Federation of Planets. There’s been precious little time for the crew to truly come to terms with their present reality, as their devotion to duty hides the emotional stress that could impact their effectiveness, and even threaten themselves or others.

After a successful journey to yet another planet cut off from the Federation, Discovery picks up a distress signal located in a nearby star system—a plea that harbors roots from their past lives in the 23rd century, and which may now lead to an entirely new crisis, plunging them all into mortal danger…

™ and © 2023 by CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

And there you have it!

Star Trek: Discovery – Somewhere to Belong is due out on Tuesday, May 30th and will be available in trade paperback, eBook, and audiobooks formats. As of this writing, an audiobook narrator has not yet been identified but I’ll be sure to share that info once it’s made available to me. Click here for all the important details!

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