Star Trek: Coda – Moments Asunder cover!

Awwwwwwwwww Yissssssssss.

At long last, we have the cover for Moments Asunder, the first book of the forthcoming Star Trek: Coda trilogy on which I’ve been collaborating with friends and fellow wordsmiths James Swallow and David Mack. It’s been a long road these past two years – getting from there to here, as the song goes – but we’re finally nearing the end of our writing journey and preparing to unleash this epic and dare I say unprecedented adventure not just for Star Trek but indeed media tie-in writing in general.

It’s one thing to be granted such wide latitude for Star Trek novels and comics to go boldly in all sorts of directions over lo these many years while there was little to no “new” Star Trek appearing on television or movie screens. But it’s something else entirely for those same publishing ventures, once Star Trek “woke up” and started producing new TV episodes (and, if rumors are true, more movies) to be given the chance to “re-align” themselves in what we consider rather grand fashion to better conform with those new stories in this ever-expanding universe. On behalf of Jim and Dave, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to our editors at Gallery Books and the good folks at ViacomCBS Consumer Products for affording us this rather unique opportunity.

(Here’s hoping we don’t screw it up.)

Okay, enough of that, because I know you’re here to see the cover, a creation of acclaimed and award-winning science fiction artist Stefan Martiniere. Check this out:

Cover for Star Trek: Coda Book I
Moments Asunder
(Click to Biggie Size)

As some folks have asked and others have suspected, this image is designed to work in concert with what will grace the covers for Books II and III, forming a triptych that’s gonna melt your brain. So, you’ve got that going for you…which is nice.

Moments Asunder is due in stores on September 28th and is available for pre-order from all of the usual haunts in trade paperback and eBook editions, as well as a digital audio download version which as of this writing I’m fairly certain will be read by frequent Star Trek audiobook narrator and all-around cool guy Robert Petkoff.

And in case this bit of trivia has somehow escaped you to this point, Star Trek: Coda continues on October 26th with James Swallow’s Book II: The Ashes of Tomorrow, and the senses-shattering conclusion arrives on November 30th with David Mack’s Book III: Oblivion’s Gate.

As always and if you are at all able to do so, I hope you’ll consider purchasing your copies through your favorite independent bookseller. You can find one close to you by utilizing the “Indie Bookstore Finder” feature of This includes features for supporting your favorite indie bookseller even if you opt to buy eBook or digital audiobook editions of new titles.

Welp. There you have it. All that’s left to do at this point is wait for September 28th, and awaaaaaaaaaaay we go!

2 thoughts on “Star Trek: Coda – Moments Asunder cover!

  1. I love the cover! The Enterprise-E is so beautiful! That’s one of my favorite things from the “shared universe” era, the covers that show the Enterprise-E on them and there are many! I watched your Shore Leave panel.
    I already expected Coda to have a lot of tragedy in it. I read the solicit for David Mack’s book and it mentioned the ultimate sacrifice being made. When words like that are used, that usually means that characters are going to die. I did notice something interesting in James Swallows solicit for book 2 as well.
    I know you can’t talk about Coda at all but I’m just gonna mention what I saw. The solicit mentioned how the past was at war with the future. Those were the exact words used. Now that got me thinking and then today you revealed the cover to Coda book one and guess what font was used for the Star Trek name?
    The TOS font was used. Now on every other crossover in the TNG relaunch era(I know because I have them) the font has been way different. It looked nothing like the TOS font at all. And that’s how the books are differentiated.
    If the TOS font is being used for Coda, then Captain Kirk and crew must be in Coda somewhere. Or maybe just Captain Kirk himself? I know you guys at the panel said on Saturday that Coda touches on all of the Star Trek stories written over the past 20 years. I wonder if that includes the Shatnerverse novels?
    I wonder if Captain Kirk sets off what happens in Coda? Or maybe it’s Spock? I know at the end of Captain’s Glory, Captain Kirk just takes off gallivanting around the galaxy with his son. I wonder if that’s one of the loose threads you deal with?
    Well, I guess I’ve pestered you long enough about Coda🙂. See how excited I am about it! Live long and prosper, Mr.Ward🖖.

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  2. In my response to you yesterday I used the word font to describe the TOS logo. I think I should’ve used style instead. Sorry, that’s my medical condition there. Sometimes I use the wrong word thinking it’s the right word.
    Huntington’s Disease (which is a neurological condition) makes it hard for me to find the right word sometimes. Then I think I’m using the right word and, actually, I’m not🙂. Hope this clears up my earlier response to you, Mr.Ward. Live long and prosper, Mr.Ward🖖.

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