Happy Birthday, Lee Majors!

The Six Million Dollar Man himself celebrates his 82nd birthday today!

Yes, I know he’s had a long, full career, both before and especially well after his bionic adventures, but he’ll always be Colonel Steve Austin to me. Okay, with a side of Colt Seavers. And maybe a dash of Christopher Chance. And Pop Scarlet.

A check of his IMDB page shows he’s still finding ways to keep plenty busy. I’m actually kind of tired just reading it all. I saw him pop up for a guest turn on the rebooted Magnum P.I. a year or so ago and he looked great! Here’s hoping I can find my way to having half his energy when I’m his age.

Also? I fervently maintain that Lee Majors has the manliest running stride in the history of running men. Fight me.


Geek Fact: When I was a kid, I so wanted a jacket like the one in this pic.

Geek Fact 2: I kinda still do.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Majors!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lee Majors!

  1. When I was four years old, I wanted a Six Million Dollar man doll more than anything for Christmas. I wrote my letter to Santa but was super-stressed about whether I’d been “good” enough to get the doll. My mom had to reassure me that Santa loved me just the way I was and she was pretty sure he’d come through. Amazingly, he did.

    One could take lots of lessons, good and bad, from that anecdote. But that’s my biggest memory of the Six Million Dollar man. (Well, that and the pump-action racing Bigfoot on a motorcycle set.)

    Thanks for a fun post as always, Dayton!


  2. We used to have these indoor fairs in elementary school (I forget what they called them), but at one of them, they had someone etching wrist bracelets. I had mine made to say, “Steve Austin.”

    Oh, and let’s not forget Heath Barkley….


  3. Lee is definitely the (Six Million Dollar) Man!

    I also dug him in Raven. Looked like he was having fun in that one.

    You can find sites selling knock-offs of the jacket. Sketchy-looking sites, sure, but I can’t say I haven’t been tempted. One of them even shows pictures of what may be the jacket they sell instead of just using the promo pic. It’s missing some patches but I’ve got them all mapped out in case I ever decide to pull the trigger (or, more likely, just do my own version).

    One of the greatest fanboy days of my life was meeting Lee, as well as Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson at a con several years ago. All class acts.

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