Talking Kirk Fu and whatnot with the Funny Science Fiction podcast!

Because I know what you’re thinking: “Wait. How can anybody talk funny about Starfleet’s most feared martial art? Isn’t that blasphemous or illegal or something?”

Turns out, it’s neither.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I sat down with Drayton, Deb, Josh, and Tim, AKA the hosts of the Funny Science Fiction Podcast. That’s right. There were four of them, trying to gang up on me. Good thing I was able to whip out some signature Kirk Fu moves like Rolling Thunder and the Jimmy Wall Banger in order to make my escape.

Okay, not really. Instead, we just ended up chatting for a bit because that’s what geeks do.

The thrust of the interview/fireside chat/plotting global takeovers was Star Trek: Kirk Fu, the odd little tome I wrote and which was illustrated by artist Christian Cornia and published by Insight Editions back in March. Indeed, the book started hitting bookstore shelves riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight about the time everybody was holing up to comply with stay-at-home orders and other COVID-19 protocols that came down what seems like 300 years ago, now. We talked about how the book came to be and how I pitched it to my editor while I was in the midst of working on a different project and figuring this new idea had no real legs. Once my editor called my bluff, I described the process of figuring out exactly how to explain Captain Kirk’s admittedly quirky fighting style, and how to diagram that in a manner one might see in hand-to-hand combat manuals like you’d find in the military. As I’ve discussed before, I’d always intended for the text to play the joke completely straight while allowing the illustrations to sell the fun and even absurdity of the premise. I think it came out great, and pretty much everyone I’ve come across who’s read it or written about it seems to feel the same way, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Along with talking about the book, the topics opened up to include how I approach writing Star Trek stories, what would I do if gifted with one of Star Trek‘s holodecks, being a Rush fan, what “ups and downs” I’ve faced during my writing career, and they even subject me to a little trivia gauntlet. How did I do? You’ll have to listen to the interview to find out.

“But wait, Dayton,” I can hear someone saying. “How does one do such a thing?”

ANSWER: You can hear the entire interview by clicking on this linky-type thing highlighted right here:

Funny Science Fiction Podcast Episode 7: Trekking the Stars with Dayton Ward

Something else we did: I donated a signed copy of Kirk Fu along with a signed promo poster for the book to be put up for auction on eBay, with 100% of the proceeds going to Wish Upon A Teen. The auction is set to end the afternoon of Friday, November 26th, so if this sounds like something you want to get in on, follow this link!

Click me to see the auction!

Many thanks to Drayton, Deb, Josh, and Tim for having me on their show. Maybe we can do it again sometime down the road!

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