Starfest 2020…also postponed.

Concerns over COVID-19 continue to spur cancellations of everything from schools to concerts and bars, restaurants, movie theaters, museums, and sporting venues are closing their doors. It’s become a sort of weird watch party as we each wait to hear about such closures that affect us personally even as we all adjust our normal routines and habits and try to do each do our small part.

The National World War I Museum is following local guidance and closing to the public at least until April 3rd, meaning I won’t be volunteering there for a while. My kids’ schools will be closing for the same period. My wife’s employer has cancelled public events.  Planet Comicon announced it was postponing its show that was due to dominate downtown this coming weekend, and yesterday I heard that Starfest, the con Kevin and I regularly attend in Denver, is also postponing its show that was scheduled for May 1-3.

Starfest2020LogoLike Planet, Starfest is one of those shows to which I most look forward to attending whenever I start putting together my convention schedule each January. Kevin and I have been guests of the con each year dating back to 2003. It’s one of the first shows to which I commit before entertaining other invitations. Admittedly, I don’t really get invited to all that many shows, but I love the ones I do attend because the people who run them are awesome.

This goes double for Starfest, as the people behind it have always treated us like members of the extended family that works so hard to put on a great show each and every time. After all these years, the idea Kevin and I won’t be making that drive to Denver to catch up with so many friends is just weird.

But, also like Planet, I’m assured Starfest 2020 isn’t cancelled. Nope. It’s postponed. The show promoters are working with the hotel to secure alternate dates. I have no doubt the logistics of retaining the current guest roster or putting together an alternate list that offers the kind of value fans have come to expect from the show is anything but an easy feat. I also know it’s totally in their wheelhouse to make it all work.

We all know these sorts of postponements–and cancellations, in some cases–are necessary. It’s ultimately for the best, but I look forward to learning about the new show dates and I hope Kevin and I can still make that drive later this year. As I said about Planet, Starfest is worth the wait.

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