Let’s do an “Ask Dayton” thing. Just because.

I have things to read, review, and comment on today, but I’m really only killing time waiting for my kids to get home as it’s an “early release” day from school and there are shenanigans on the docket for the afternoon. Still, this allows for a bit of our own peculiar kind of mischief, and it’s something I’ve not done in a while.

So, here’s the deal: Ask me anything, if you’re so inclined, and I’ll do my best to provide a brief yet thoughtful answer. If I’m unable to accomplish this seemingly straightforward feat, I’ll instead craft a wiseass comment, tailored and customized especially for you! It’s sort of like an “AMA” over on Reddit, but without the lingering need for me to bathe in a vat of Mountain Falls after we’re finished.

Asker’s choice, so far as the topic goes. We can talk about writing, pop culture bullshit, deep thoughtful musings on the duality of man and the blurred line between good and evil, how science has finally proven to all those whiny shits that using two spaces after a period isn’t the global calamity they think it is, why KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park deserves to be reimagined with Steel Panther, or how we so desperately need a Deadpool or Star Trek musical, whatever.

I reserve the right not to answer anything I deem too personal or inappropriate for this particular venue, but this is a rule I’ve only rarely had to invoke. Still, it never hurts to make such things clear up front.

Okey-dokey, then. Who’s got a question?


17 thoughts on “Let’s do an “Ask Dayton” thing. Just because.

  1. Which fictional universe do you think we’re headed for? I want to think it will be Trek, but honestly, I think it will be more like the Expanse.


    1. I can’t even narrow it down to two or three. I’ve been reading Trek novels for…holy schnikes…45 years or so at this point. I could seriously take a run at talking favorites all day 😀


  2. Was there a Trek series, broadcast or novelverse, that took you some time to “get”? Meaning, you didn’t immediately resonate with you, and it took some time for you to come to appreciate the series and its characters and what it brought to the greater Trek universe?


    1. Enterprise.

      The first time through, I thought there were some good episodes but overall it seemed to leave me wanting. I thought it looked great, for the most part, and I’ll say as a die-hard original series fan I thought the Enterprise uniforms were the most realistic/practical of any of the series. It wasn’t until several years after it went off the air and I revisited it while researching a novel that I gained a new appreciation for it.


  3. Do you happen to know whether or not the LitVerse continuity is well and truly dead, or do you think it might be possible to integrate the LitVerse continuity into the Picard continuity?


  4. Have you noticed sales decreases from Star Trek books since the change to trade paperback (and pricing)? I for one have stopped buying as I cannot afford the increased costs…


    1. For me, it’s too early to see any sort of ongoing trend. Print editions across the board have been up and down in recent years, just as eBooks spiked for a little while before settling into a somewhat predictive pattern. The pleasant surprise is in audio. Those sales are really taking off in the past couple of years.


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