All kinds of Star Trek novel action coming your way, this year and next!

It was a busy day at the big Star Trek convention out in Las Vegas. In and around all the cool Q&A’s, photo ops, and autograph opportunities with celebrities from the various Star Trek series and films, a quiet little panel with a small yet loyal and enthusiastic audience very smoothly laid out a bunch of news about upcoming Star Trek publications in various formats.


Chief among those were several announcements about upcoming Star Trek novels from Simon & Schuster. So far, we know about the following projects:

The Enterprise War: A Star Trek: Discovery novel written by John Jackson Miller which officially hit stores this past Tuesday.

The Antares Maelstrom: A Star Trek original series novel by Greg Cox, coming on August 13th.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: A 40th-anniversary re-issue of Gene Roddenberry’s novelization the first Star Trek feature film. It was also the very first Trek novel released by Pocket Books in 1979 and which kicked off a publishing program that’s brought us to where we are right this frikkin’ moment, y’all! It’s due out October 1st.

Collateral Damage: A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by David Mack that follows up on my own Available Light from earlier this year as well as Dave’s own TNG novels A Time to Kill and A Time to Heal from 2004 and his 2017 Section 31 novel Control. That one hits on October 8th.

Dead Endless: A Star Trek: Discovery novel by Dave Galanter that’s due out on December 17th.

Now, what’s up for 2020? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s what’s been publicly announced:

The Last Best Hope: The first novel tying directly to the new Star Trek: Picard series, written by Una McCormack and coming in February.

The Higher Frontier: A Star Trek original series novel by Christopher L. Bennett and due out in March.

The Order of Peace: Written by Alan Dean Foster, this is first of two novels set in the universe of the rebooted Star Trek universe which began with the 2009 Star Trek feature film. Originally commissioned back when that first movie was still minty-fresh, this novel along with three others were put in a state of “limbo” for reasons never made public. But, things are cool now so here comes this bad boy. My understanding is that Mr. Foster had the opportunity to freshen up this story a bit in order to take into account what we learned from the two sequel films, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. This one will be out in April.

Agents of Influence: A Star Trek original series tale written by the guy who wrote this blog you’re reading right now. That’s coming in June.

More Beautiful Than Death: Following The Order of Peace, this is the second Star Trek “Kelvin timeline” novel to be released next year, written by David Mack and due out in August.

Also mentioned but without release dates/months are the ever-wonderful Kirsten Beyer’s long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager novel To Lose the Earth and an as-yet-untitled Star Trek: Discovery novel by John Jackson Miller.

More info, particularly on Agents of Influence, will come when I’m able to share. 🙂

Now, as anyone who follows the Star Trek novels likely knows, rumors and theories have swirled for months about what Star Trek: Picard might mean for the ongoing continuity which has weaved in, around, and through the various novels, particularly those set in the 24th-century era and encompassing The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and their associated “books only” spin-offs. So far as what lies ahead for these books and their characters and storylines which in some cases can trace back nearly 20 years at this point, all that can be said at this time is that “We’re working on it.”

On Facebook, I elaborated on this point, and here’s what I wrote over there:

My various consulting duties for CBS involve working with certain licensing partners to help develop tie-in opportunities, primarily as they pertain to the new shows but also the older series as appropriate.

One of those tasks – indeed, one of the very first things I was asked to help tackle when they hired me – was to work with S&S *and* CBS and figure out a path forward for the novels as they pertain to the new Picard series.

From the minute this came up, I’ve approached it as one thing and one thing only: the most epic fucking Star Trek storytelling challenge ever.

There have already been several discussions on this topic, going back more than a year – even before I started developing the storyline for what became my TNG novel Available Light – about how we might proceed. A lot of the earlier conversations didn’t have the benefit of knowing just what the new show was going to do, so we ended up with a lot of talk about pretty much anything you can think of with respect to these books.

Well, it’s a year later, and we know a whole lot more than we did then.

As our editor, Ed Schlesinger, and John (Jackson Miller) intimated, it’s a complicated process with ongoing conversations (David Mack and I had a pretty drawn-out talk about this very thing at the recent Shore Leave con, and that was basically “part 1”), and everyone involved is taking it very seriously because we all want to do it right.

So, as has been said in somewhat joking fashion before now but which I’ll re-iterate with absolutely no snark: We’re working on it. Honest.


Obviously, there will be more to share at some point, and that’ll happen as I’m allowed to do so. Stay tuned!

Dayton-Kevin-Dave-We have a Plan

In the meantime? There’s some more stuff for you to read.

3 thoughts on “All kinds of Star Trek novel action coming your way, this year and next!

  1. It’s just exciting to see the continued growth and enrichment of the Trek multiverse. It speaks to the value of this franchise that there has been so much written and yet so much more to write. Thanks, Dayton, and all of the usual suspects, for bringing these characters and their stories to life!

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