So, I’m gonna write some superhero stuff.

Kinda. Sorta. We’re not exactly sure yet how it’s all gonna go, but it’s gonna have superheroes in it.

Crazy8Press-logoThe other day, pal and fellow writer Russ Colchamiro, one of the eight word pushers who make up Crazy 8 Press, invited me to participate in a “shared world” project he’s putting together, and which will also feature the wordly stylings of other friends and fellow Crazy 8 writers Mary Fan and Aaron Rosenberg. Between the four of us, we’re going to attempt pulling off a series of novellas all revolving around the central idea of superheroes. Kinda. Sorta. It’s like I said up top, okay?

Sure, details are light at the moment. Actually, they’re a little bit heavier for the four us thanks to the eMails we’ve exchanged just in the last couple of days, but for you? Light, which is fine as the resulting collection of novellas isn’t even due for publication until the summer of 2021 or so. With that in mind, I’m thinking….yeah, we’ve got time to figure out some of this stuff, and dial in some of the things that currently exist within the realms of “Kinda” and “Sorta.”

This isn’t my first time working at least in peripheral fashion with Crazy 8, though it’s been a while. My first go-around with them was “Conscript” my contribution to ReDeus: Divine Tales, the first in a series of anthologies edited by Aaron along with fellow Crazy 8-er Bob Greenberger. A couple of years later, I teamed up with my hetero life-mate Kevin on “The Ardent,” a short story for the first of Michael Jan Friedman‘s Pangaea anthologies.

Come to think of it, this isn’t even my first time writing a superhero story. For that, we have to dig way, waaaaaaaaaay back in the dusty archives and pull out “Going My Own Way,” a story I wrote for Gods of Justice, a 2011 anthology edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes.

So, you know….it’s been a while.

I know, I know…”What kinds of superheroes are we talking about, Dayton?” Well, certainly no Superman, Batman, Captain America, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, or any of their friends. Nope, not even Deadpool…even though that’d be pretty sweet, amirite? Instead, what I can tell you at this time is that these will be characters and situations of our own creation. Who they are, what they can do, and how they can do it is all part of what we’re just now starting to figure out. As details start to gel, I’ll get the clearance to share this and that, though we obviously don’t want to give away all the surprises, twists, turns, and so on and so forth.

Many thanks to Russ, Mary, and Aaron for inviting me into their sandbox to play for a bit. I’m excited to add this to my perpetually moving “Writing To Do List.”

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