Another (short) interview.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been interviewed a few times by Darren Perdue, who writes and maintains the blog Ninetoes Loves Books. I’m guessing you can figure out what he likes to write about. I’ve been the focus of his “5 Questions” exercise on not one but two occasions where Darren poses – wait for it – five questions to various authors, and he also interviewed me a year or so ago when my Star Trek: Discovery novel Drastic Measures was hitting shelves.

A couple of weeks ago, Darren asked me if I was up for another interrogation round of questions and I was happy to oblige. This time around, he asks me about my “secret origin story” to becoming a writer, which novel of mine was the most fun to write, and whether I might like to take a crack at writing something based on a video game or Star Wars.

(What do you think?)

So, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, feel free to wander over to Darren’s blog and check out the new interview:

Anyway, for those interested in seeing my answers to Darren’s “5 Questions” feature, you can mosey on over and check them out here:

Ninetoes Loves Books: More Questions With Dayton Ward

Thanks again to Darren for inviting me into his space to take up a few electrons!


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