Headless and Other Improbable Excitations of The Muse, a Kickstarter project by Michael Jan Friedman.

My pal Mike Friedman is up to something, again.

For those who don’t know, Mike is a salty author. He’s got a list of publishing credits about a mile long, including novels, short stories, comics, and TV, so yeah…he’s been around the block a few times.

About once a year or so, he gets a wild hair…uh…someplace, and decides it’s time to undertake the challenge of bringing to life some kind of writing project without the benefit of a traditional path to publication. In recent years, he’s turned to crowdfunding to help him acquire the money necessary to bring these plans to fruition. His typical mode of operation is to set modest fundraising goals in order to cover the expense of bringing the project to life, and in every case (five, so far), he’s hit his mark and delivered on everything promised.

He’s also one of the genuinely good, decent guys in this whole writing business thing. He’s been a friend and supporter from the first time I met him 15-odd years ago at my first Shore Leave convention appearance, and he’s on a very, very short list of people to whom I can never say “No,” such as when he asks a favor like promoting his latest project.

What’s he got brewing this time? Another collection of short stories and a followup to his earlier collection of short fiction, Cabal and Other Unlikely Invocations of The Muse. Having apparently not learned his lesson when it came to considering the virtue of a shorter title (the other book did fine, regardless), Mike’s new anthology of more of his own short tales is to be called Headless and Other Improbable Excitations of The Muse.

(I can already hear that book’s spine bending under the weight).

What’s it all about? Well, I’ve learned it’s best to just let Mike tell you:

Headless has all the kinds of stories I’ve become known for in books, in comics, and on TV–fantasy, science fiction, and superhero yarns. And as I said of Cabal, my first short-fiction collection, I really like the work I’m doing in these stories. I’m PROUD of it.


* In Headless, the title story, a crewman aboard a starship does his best to carry out his duties without a critical portion of his anatomy.

* In Cold Case, a private investigator tries to find the killer of a most unusual victim–the son of a winter deity–as we revisit The City of A Thousand Gods.

* In The Company of Failed Beings, a teen-aged superhero searches for a cure to a bizarre malady that keeps him from using his powers.

* In Anteater, Doughnut, Casino, we travel to a diner beyond time to see the forces of good and evil compete for the ultimate prize. 

* In Connections, a woman with remarkable intellectual powers finally appears to have met her match.

* In The Garvin Street Ghost, a man returns to his old neighborhood to resurrect the best part of his past.

* In Geocachers, a sister and brother find themselves taking the long–very long–way home.

* In The Spirit of Lost Women, a businessman in provincial Mexico must bargain with a devil to get his wife back.

Sounds cool, amirite?

For the complete rundown on Headless and Other Improbable Excitations of The Muse and all the delicious rewards and stuff waiting for those  who boldly choose to opt in, run on over to Kickstarter and check out the project’s page:

Headless and Other Improbable Excitations of The Muse
by Michael Jan Friedman


Good luck, Mike!

Lay it on me.

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