Here’s the cover for Available Light, my upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation novel!

I had to wait for to do their big reveal, but now that they’ve done so (click on this link to go and see) free to show it here. Thanks to the artistic stylings of Doug Drexler and Ali Ries, I now have a cover for Available Light, my latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel which is comin’ at ya in April 2019.

Behold, yo:

(Click to Biggie Size)

What’s it all about? Well I’m glad you asked:

The past comes back to haunt Captain Jean-Luc Picard in this brand new thriller set in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Section 31, the covert organization which has operated without accountability in the shadows for more than two centuries, has been exposed. Throughout the Federation, the rogue group’s agents and leaders are being taken into custody as the sheer scope of its misdeeds comes to light. Now Starfleet Command must decide the consequences for numerous officers caught up in the scandal—including Admirals William Ross, Edward Jellico, Alynna Nechayev, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard who, along with many others, are implicated in the forced removal of a Federation president.

Meanwhile, deep in the distant, unexplored region of space known as the Odyssean Pass, Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise must put aside personal feelings and political concerns as they investigate a massive mysterious spacecraft. Adrift for centuries in the void, the ship is vital to the survival of an endangered civilization which has spent generations searching for a world to sustain what remains of its people. Complicating matters is a band of marauders who have their own designs on the ancient ship, with only the Enterprise standing in their way….

While his collaborations with Ali adorn a few of my more recent offerings, Doug has been providing covers for a number of Star Trek novels for quite some time, now. I’ve definitely benefitted from the voodoo that he (and/or he and Ali) do so well. A couple of my all-time Star Trek novel covers just happen to be for books I wrote or co-wrote::


Available Light is due for publication on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in trade paperback, e-Book, and (I’m guessing) audiobook formats. Pre-order links are already live, so feel free to get a jump on your holiday shopping:

The book’s official landing page at Simon & Schuster
Trade Paperback or Kindle eBook from
Trade Paperback or Nook eBook from Barnes & Noble
Kobo eBook from

Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here. You know…trying to finish writing the thing…..

4 thoughts on “Here’s the cover for Available Light, my upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation novel!

  1. I have a request. I would like it very much if you were to return to Vanguard Station for another foray into that setting, those characters, and that time. I find the sense of the unknown to be curtailed when working within the pre-existing and already well defined, if much loved characters and timelines, of the various Star Trek TV series. The beauty of the original series, and of each succeeding series of shows, was the sense of uncertainty that I felt. I find excitement in discovering who these ‘new’ characters are, and what their different Trek reality is going to be like. With the existing and well established characters you remain, at least to some degree, certain as to how they will respond in a given situation, and while there is nothing quite like the comfort and familiarity of a well worn pair of shoes, sometimes it is nice to slip into something new. I like not knowing what a character might do. With Vanguard I enjoyed the familiarity of the Trek verse while embarking on a new series of adventures less tied to the established cannon. Is there any possibility of your returning to this corner of Star Trek literature to add new wrinkles to an as yet incomplete picture. Your canvas, in this instance remains to my mind, tantalizingly unfinished. Might I convince you to revisit these characters who I refuse to believe have had their stories come to an end?.


    1. By mutual agreement, series co-creator David Mack, my writing partner Kevin Dilmore, and myself decided that the stories of the principal Vanguard characters are done. For better or worse, the events of that series have seen to it that they are consigned to an obscure corner of “Star Trek history,” either as reward or penance for their part in those events.
      However, we did elevate the supporting cast/crews of the Sagittarius and the Endeavour to stars of “their own show,” with the spinoff series Star Trek: Seekers, which is currently represented by four books.


      1. Thanks for your response. I accept and respect the logic of a group decision. I respectfully suggest that Star Trek is filled with equally or even more unlikely returns from dire situations where they perhaps deserved to remain, as you say “consigned to an obscure corner of the Star Trek universe.” I think the idea that Worf might come back from discommedation to hold high station, or that Kirk remains in command of the Enterprise having broken how many Star Fleet regulations, or that Picard can return to command after being Borgified to all be unbelievable outcomes. I will certainly look for the “Seekers” series, and thank you for the redirect. I will also remain, perhaps foolishly, hopeful of more books that explore the Star Trek universe through fresh eyes, as it allows for new avenues of exploration. Keep writing. I really enjoy both your work and that of your compatriots.


        1. Even the books featuring characters from the shows have evolved. TNG books like this one, set years after the last movie with the TNG crew, feature new characters who have taken on the positions vacated by those who are no longer with the crew. CBS and our editors allow us to take things in directions we could never get away with while those shows or films were in production. The same is true (to varying degrees) with DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise books. 🙂


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