It’s been a while, so let’s do an “Ask Dayton” thing.

I’m busying myself with a couple of different writing projects, so I’m barricading myself in my office today. Still, that allows a bit of time here and there for these sorts of shenanigans.

So, here’s the deal: Ask me anything, if you’re so inclined, and I’ll do my best to provide a brief yet thoughtful answer. If I’m unable to accomplish this seemingly straightforward feat, I’ll instead craft a wiseass comment, tailored and customized especially for you! It’s sort of like an “AMA” over on Reddit, but without the requirement of me needing to gargle with a bottle of Purell once it’s all said and done.

Asker’s choice, so far as the topic goes. We can talk about writing, pop culture bullshit, deep thoughtful musings on the duality of man and the blurred line between good and evil, how science has finally proven to all those whiny shits that using two spaces after a period isn’t the global calamity they think it is, why KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park deserves to be reimagined with Steel Panther, or how we so desperately need a Star Trek musical episode or film, whatever.

I reserve the right not to answer anything I deem too personal or inappropriate for this particular venue, but this is a rule I’ve only rarely had to invoke. Still, it never hurts to make such things clear up front.

Okey-dokey, then. Who’s got a question?


12 thoughts on “It’s been a while, so let’s do an “Ask Dayton” thing.

  1. Just curious – are you back to full time writing? Sort of sounds like it, so I was wondering whether you’re able to forego pants again.


  2. You spend a lot of time writing (pantless, apparently [which is more than I needed to know]), so how much time do you spend reading? And do you read other novels in the Star Trek universe?


    1. I try to read every night, an hour or so before bed, and I listen to audiobooks when I’m out walking or driving around town. My reading tastes are all over the map.

      And I do read other Star Trek novels, either just for my own enjoyment or as “homework” depending on what I’m working on.

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  3. how do I encourage my daughter to keep writing when she has plans to do several other things such as attend law school and work in child advocacy? She’s had a few paid gigs on blogs and websites. She feels she has to give up one dream for another.


    1. Most people who write do so while holding down full-time jobs, and/or taking care of children, and just about any other activity you can care to name. I wrote while working a job that required 60 to 70 hours per week on average. That was before the kids came along!

      If she’s serious about being a writer, then my sincere suggestion is for her to take an honest, unflinching look at how she divides her time. I’m willing to bet that somewhere in the middle of all of that is 30-60 minutes she could direct toward her writing on many if not most days. That’s really all it takes, at least in the beginning: consistency in finding and utilizing the time until the habit is formed.

      Once college and law school start, those demands might become more challenging, of course, at least until she finds a new rhythm. But that’s the way it is with anything else, right? 🙂

      Good luck to her, with all of her goals!


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