Because I need the distraction, let’s do another “Ask Dayton” thing.

Also, hey! It’s been a while since I last did one of these, and as fate would have it, I’m working in and around a few writing projects that allow a bit of time for these sorts of antics.

Okay, so here’s the deal: Ask me anything, if you’re so inclined, and I’ll do my best to provide a brief yet thoughtful answer. If I’m unable to accomplish this seemingly straightforward feat, I’ll instead craft wise-assed comment, tailored and customized especially for you! It’s sort of like an “AMA” over on Reddit, but without the requirement of me needing shotgun a barrel of sanitizer once it’s all said and done.

Asker’s choice, so far as the topic goes. We can talk about writing, pop culture bullshit, deep thoughtful musings on the duality of man and the blurred line between good and evil, how science has finally proven to all those whiny shits that two spaces after a period is the way to go, why “Assignment: Earth” has not yet been reimagined or rebooted to be the TV show or film series we all so richly deserve, whatever.

I reserve the right not to answer anything I deem too personal or inappropriate for this particular venue, but this is a rule I’ve never actually had to invoke. Still, it never hurts to make such things clear up front.

Okey-dokey, then. Who’s got a question?


12 thoughts on “Because I need the distraction, let’s do another “Ask Dayton” thing.

    1. I’m convinced the leads and the showrunners have embarrassing photos of the studio execs, locked in a vault somewhere.

      In all seriousness, from where I sit on the periphery, the show seems to have hit a sweet spot when it comes to TV – Steady and fairly dependable if not spectacular ratings, so it earns its keep for the CW, which doesn’t have to worry about all of the same numbers/headaches facing the “big” networks. It’s easy to get into even if you’re just walking up to it for the first time, making it a candidate for repeat visits by people sampling new shows. It also has an engaged, dedicated, and vocal fanbase.

      So, you know….well played, Supernatural. 🙂


    1. Saw it this past Sunday. I have a few quibbles, but that would provoke spoilerish discussion. Otherwise, I enjoyed it, but if I’m being honest then I’m actually looking forward to the movie more than I am the next Avengers flick. 🙂


  1. Sorry, I have two burning questions, but feel free to pick one or the other. One, what’s it like becoming or remaining a Bucs fan in Chiefs country? Two, what’s your favorite Rush album? (Mine is A Farewell to Kings.)


    1. I was a Bucs fan long before coming to KC. I watch and cheer the Chiefs…..except when they’re playing the Bucs. 🙂

      My favorite Rush album is a tie: 2112, Moving Pictures, Power Windows, Snakes and Arrows. Others compete for attention and top spots, depending on my mood.

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  2. Dayton what about a Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln stand alone novel, along the lines of what the series might have been like , had it been made. I’ve always enjoyed that episode of Star Trek.


    1. The trouble with such standalone-type projects is that – usually – the preference is to have one of the crews represented in some fashion. Not saying it’s out of the question….but it’s a harder sell than a “traditional” story featuring one of the main casts.


    1. I entered Pocket Books’ very first Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contest in 1997. After earning a spot in that contest’s resulting anthology and then managing to repeat this for the second and third contests, I was offered a contract to write a Star Trek novel, and I’ve basically been doing it ever since. 🙂


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