My latest Star Trek project!*

I know that I’ve been vague and evasive these past several months with respect to the different projects I’ve got going. Most of that is due to the wishes of my various employers and their desires to roll out “official” announcements at what they feel is the right time. Then there’s my own weirdness about making sure everything’s nailed down, dialed in, and whatever else before going public with news. Sometimes it’s because I’m fussy about every last detail and want to make sure there are no typos or other goofs in artwork or other aspects of a particular project.

As often as not, it’s because the timing has to be “just right.”

Example? Today’s announcement. Come along as I unveil the all-new Star Trek tale Kevin and I have been brewing! Behold, yo:

Stardate 5122.6: Surveying a newly charted world in unclaimed space near territory claimed by the Klingon Empire, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise find a primitive civilization centuries away from industrialization while living in untroubled paradise. This discovery is at odds with the powerful energy readings detected by long range sensors, suggesting a developed society and the presence of technology rivaling if not surpassing current Federation capabilities.

After inadvertently triggering a long-dormant security system, Kirk along with Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves trapped on the planet. Now it’s a race against time to prevent the last remnants of an oppressive regime from once more seizing control of this world and annihilating the innocent, naïve people who now call it home. Then, ancient weapons target the Enterprise, and Kirk discovers the planet itself is not at all what it seems…..


(Artwork by Aaron Harvey. Click to Biggie Size.)

This is one of those odd tales that takes root when you and your writing partner have hours to kill during long drives to and from convention appearances. A good many of the stories Kevin and I ended up writing have their origins during such pilgrimages.

Stay tuned for Star Trek: Mission to Gamma VI, coming soon!

* Check your calendars, folks. 🙂


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