Talking Drastic Measures on Literary Treks!

“ZOMG! Another interview? Will he ever stop? Do we need to schedule an intervention?”

These are just the questions coming from my wife, so I can only imagine what the public at large might be thinking.

However, until I’m sedated and taken away for a long rest, I’m going to keep answering questions and such whenever they’re put to me in a semi-sorta formal interview-like atmosphere, as I did last week when I “sat down” for a chit-chat with Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson, they of the mighty Literary Treks podcast.

Just like the title says, we did indeed discuss Drastic Measures, my recently released Star Trek: Discovery novel. I’ve talked with Dan and Bruce on multiple occasions as we discussed previous books of mine, so we’re able to get right to the meat of things and spend most of the interview talking about the book and the process of developing it while marching in step with the show’s writers and producers as they worked to bring Discovery to the screen.

As I’ve mentioned in other interviews and elsewhere, writing Drastic Measures was unlike any of the other Star Trek novels I’ve done, owing to the fact that it was the first time I was working on a book based on a show in active production. So, the demands and expectations were (naturally and understandably) somewhat different. It made for an interesting and rewarding experience, being able to collaborate with Kirsten Beyer and other members of the Discovery writing staff.

The results of my conversation with Dan and Bruce are now available for your listening pleasure over at the Literary Treks website. Check it out:

Literary Treks Episode #222: The Ward Rule

Thanks very much to Dan and Bruce for  having me on once again. It’s always fun talking to them, and the show has long been a big supporter of the entire Star Trek publishing effort. Something tells me I’ll likely cross paths with these guys again at some point in the not too distant future.


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