Hey, it’s another Drastic Measures interview!

Last week and in the wake of the release of Drastic Measures, my Star Trek: Discovery novel, I conducted several interviews (and there are at least two more I can recall offhand still scheduled). I told you about one such Q&A yesterday, but wouldn’t you know that a new day also brings with it another link to share!

This time, it’s the fine folks over at TrekCore.com, one of the more prominent fan-driven Star Trek news sites. Contributing writer Alex Perry hit me up with a nice batch of questions, such as how I managed to keep my big mouth shut not just during those months before the series premiere before I was announced as writing the book, but also from week to week as each new episode was made available. For example:

“I haven’t spilled anything even to my wife, who’s been watching the show each week with me, and there have been occasions where something happens and she’d turn to me and ask, “You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you? Didn’t you? What else is coming? What else? TELL ME!” while I just smile and shake my head.”

Babbling responses such as this to each of Alex’s queries are now available for your perusal. Check it, yo:

TrekCore.com – Interview: Dayton Ward’s “Drastic Measures.”

Many thanks to Alex and the entire TrekCore crew for letting me invade their space yet again!

Lay it on me.

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