New Drastic Measures interview!

People never learn.

They want to talk. To me, I mean.

They ask me questions, pay attention to my answers, and after reviewing my responses one last time, take the final leap of posting said questions and resulting answers for all the world to see. Such was the case (again) with Darren Perdue, host of the book-appreciating/book-loving site Ninetoes Loves Books.

Savvy readers of this space may recall that Darren interviewed me a short while back, but this time he’s picking my brain (mostly) about my new Star Trek: Discovery novel Drastic Measures.

The interview covers the book’s genesis and how folks working on the show (namely my honorary big sister, the always awesome Kirsten Beyer) helped me all while juggling the mighty task of creating and producing a television series. As I’ve already said, the writing of this book was unlike any of my previous Star Trek ventures, but it was a heck of a lot of fun.

Give our little back-n-forth a read, whydontcha:

Ninetoes Loves Books: An Interview with Dayton Ward


Thanks again to Darren for graciously accepting the drop in property value by inviting me into his space!


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