Bucs Blog! 2017 Season, Week 2.

Football’s back!

Well, it was back last week for most people, but my Bucs were forced to wait an extra week thanks to the chaos and fury that was Hurricane Irma. The storm and its numerous safety concerns of course took precedence over some silly football game, so Tampa’s opening number against the Miami Dolphins has been pushed back to Week 11. Meanwhile, the people of Florida continue to regroup after Irma’s passing.

My sister and her family along with my uncle and my father still live in the Tampa area, and thankfully they weathered Irma without much at all in the way of damage or disruption. I know many, many more people didn’t fare as well, and our thoughts are with them as they continue to work at getting things back to normal. Those interested in helping with the recovery effort are encouraged to consider investigating and donating to any of the following Florida-based organizations, each of which has a solid rep:

All Faiths Food Bank
Boca Helping Hands
Dan Marino Foundation
Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville
Heart of Florida United Way
Neighborhood Health Clinic of Naples, Florida
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
Volunteer Florida
Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade

As for the Bucs? Well, it seems that having an extra week to shake off opening day jitters did them some good.


Bucs 29 – Bears 7


Did Tampa look that good, or was Chicago just that much off their game? The answer, upon further review, is “Yes.”

In truth, the Bears are suffering from a handful of issues, including injuries at key positions and a quarterback – former Bucs ball-handler Mike Glennon – who was definitely not having fun yesterday. Tampa’s defense smelled the blood in the water and reacted accordingly, harassing Glennon and company to the tune of one sack and two interceptions – one of them returned for a touchdown. They also forced three fumbles, nabbing two of them. In short, they made it a long day for the Bears offense.

Speaking of offense, Jameis Winston and his crew were on point, with Winston shaking off two sacks while completing 18 of 30 passes for 200+ yards and a touchdown pass. The Bucs ground game was solid if not spectacular, with Jacquizz Rodgers leading the way on the strength of 19 carries for 67 yards and a TD.

Despite their schedule being off for the next ten weeks compared to their division rivals, the Bucs advance to 1-0 and a full game behind the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons, both of whom are undefeated after two weeks. The New Orleans Saints are Tail End Charlie, sitting at 0-2.

Next up? The Bucs travel to Minn-eh-SOH-tah to take on the Vikings, who are coming off a spanking at the hands of Pittsburgh. That said, they had a good opening week against New Orleans, so who knows what kind of match-up we’ll get? Could be a good one!

It’s a Bucs life, yo. Again!


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