August writing wrap-up.


And just like that, 2017 is two-thirds in the bag. Yep, you read that right. We’re already on the downhill slide, the home stretch, the last lap, the final turn, the whatever other thing we’re almost done with.

August was a kinda sorta weird month. At long last, I finally got to drop a hint or two about at least one of things I’ve been working on. I realize that such revelations often raise more questions than they answer, but what can I tell you? I’m a freelancer — hired hand, a mercenary, a fire and forget weapon, if you will. I go where they point me, do what they tell me, and leave the decision making to the grown-ups.

Otherwise? I just tried to keep my head down and work, and hopefully bring in enough money to pay some bills. On that subject, if you’re looking to hire a snappy writer, I’m certainly open to entertaining such discussions. Freelancers gotta freelance, you know.

Meanwhile? Let’s see what I was up to last month:

Star Trek: Discovery Tie-in Novel – Now it can be told! One of the sooper sekrit writing things I’ve had going for a while now is this bad boy, which was formally announced early last month at the ginormous Star Trek convention shin-dig thing in Vegas. What can I tell you about it? At this point, not much more than what’s already been revealed, which is precious little. What I can tell you is that it’s the second DSC novel, following David Mack’s Desperate Hours, which will be published on September 26th. For those of you with calendars, that’s just two days after the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery itself. As for my book? It’s currently slated for “early 2018” publication, and as was revealed in Vegas, the story is set somewhere around ten years before the first episode of the series proper. I’m actually working on revisions to the manuscript offered by my editor and a few of the folks in the DSC writers room, and should have them back to Pocket Books late next week. More to come as I’m allowed to share!

Another Unidentified Tie-In Project  After a whirlwind courtship during which I very quickly signed on to write this book in early June, I delivered a finished manuscript on July 28th, and was notified on August 10th that it had been approved both by my editor and the licensor. I got a copyedited manuscript back on the 24th, and returned it with my corrections the next day. Now I’m waiting to hear about layout and design, packaging, and other very cool things. Stay tuned! This will likely be published next summer, along with….

And Another Unidentified Tie-In Project No sooner did I get a good head of steam going on the above Unidentified Thing, than the same publisher gauged my interest about a Follow-Up Thing. Um, yeah? So in. My outline, delivered on July 25th, was approved by the licensor on August 10th. I delivered the manuscript for this on August 29th, and I’m presently awaiting editorial feedback before it goes to the licensor. As with its companion, it’s also likely slated for next summer.

Still Another Unidentified Tie-In Project  This was one I’d known was (likely) coming for a while, but we didn’t get down to brass tacks with contracts and stuff until mid-June or so. The outline I submitted in early July got feedback from the licensing folks on July 30th, and once I made those changes I set to the actual writing. I submitted a draft for that on August 21st, and received feedback from my team lead and the licensor just last night. I’m in the process of making the fairly minor revisions which have been requested, but otherwise? It apparently did not suck, which is good because this is a new client and opportunity for me, and there’s potential for additional work in this arena if I don’t dork up too badly. Deets to follow!

Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook – Following a lengthy pre-order period while everything was getting finalized, this brand spankin’ new tome is finally ready! Game developers Modiphius are already shipping orders to retailers, and individual customers should be getting their own copies soon. The rulebook made its debut at the recent GenCon convention in Indianapolis, and I’ve already seen the PDF version, but I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy. Though my contributions to the book were fairly small (most of my upfront work was for the living campaign playtest, which is a separate thing), I’m still proud to be included with this group. It’s been fun watching it all come together.

Other stuff in the pipeline:

Yet Another Unidentified Tie-In Project – After submitting an outline to my editor on April 28th, we finally received some great feedback from the licensor on August 4th. I returned my revised outline on the 13th, and I’m back in a holding pattern while we await a response from the licensor. No worries…I’ve still got enough to keep me occupied………

Holy Crap Another Unidentified Tie-In Project – After hearing lots of good things about this in late July from my editor that this one would be going forward, I haven’t heard much new on this front. I do know that both editor and licensor are big on my doing this particular book, so it’s basically just a matter of waiting for all the paperwork to get straightened out. This one is going to be insanely fun. Trust me. 🙂

Recon” – Short story for If It Bleeds, an anthology tying into the Predator franchise. Writer/Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt has commissioned 16 all-new tales featuring everybody’s favorite race of intergalactic big game hunters. The stories in this new collection will show Predators on Earth at different points in history, as well as taking their hunts to far-flung worlds. I received a copyedited manuscript back from Bryan on May 21st, and returned my corrections to him on the 27th. Next up? Typeset pages for review/proofing. If It Bleeds is currently slated for publication on October 17th.

Possible future projects:

Original SF novel concept – Something I’d started a while back, refreshed some older notes and added some new ones. Once I knock out the other outlines that are ahead of it in the queue, I’ll be continuing to work on fleshing out this concept so that I can approach at least one editor with it.

Original e-Book concept – I’ve been pondering an idea for a new series – something akin to the “men’s adventure” style books I loved back in the 80s and 90s. It would be a setting for which I could write shorter tales – novellas, likely – for e-Book distribution. It would be something of an SF-ish/action bent, with (I hope) lots of humor. Not quite campy, but definitely lighter in tone. This is still very rough at the moment, but it’s something I’d really like to get into once I get some free time (HAH! HAH AGAIN!).

Though I’m not going to list them here, two more new projects also appeared on my radar screen during August. We’re not yet to contracts and both are for clients with whom I’ve not previously worked, so I’m not going to get too detailed about them just yet. More info in October, hopefully!

Anyway…aloha, September!


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