My Shore Leave 39 schedule!

shore-leave-logoThrough the wonder of scheduled posting, you’re now reading something I wrote late Wednesday night, which was posted while I’m winging my way to Baltimore from Kansas City. Goodness, but technology is nifty. What will they think of next?


So, I’m on my way to Baltimore (and points north) for the annual Shore Leave convention, held as always in Hunt Valley, Maryland, at a hotel which has had three names in as many years. This time around, it’s the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley, but it’ll always be the Hunt Valley Inn in my eyes. What’s important, though, is that the hotel is and remains home to one of two conventions to which I most look forward each year. This one is fun because it gives me an opportunity to connect with East Coast-based friends I see only during this frantic weekend. We’ll be cramming a lot of catching up into the three days of con shenanigans. Much of that reuniting will occur in the hotel bar. I mean…’s inevitable.

Aside from that, as one of the con’s writer guests, I’ll be doing my share of panel discussions and other mischief throughout the weekend. Want to know where to find me at Shore Leave 39? Here you go:

What’s Your Favorite Star Trek? – 6pm-7pm – Salon A
Dayton Ward (M), Howard Weinstein, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Dave Galanter, Scott Pearson, Amy Imhoff

We fans still love Star Trek—some version more than others. What’s your favorite, and why? Come join this good-natured argument over your best (or least) loved Star Trek incarnation.

Strange New Worlds – 8pm-9pm – Hunt Room
Derek Attico (M), Dayton Ward, Lorraine Anderson, John Coffren, Laura Ware, Scott Pearson, Kelli Fitzpatrick

Authors from the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies discuss the contest, its impact on their careers inside and outside of Star Trek, the culture of the Trek writing community, and writing episode-length Trek adventures.

Meet the Pros – 10pm-Midnight – Hunt/Valley Foyer

The annual mass autographing party for all of the convention’s writer guests. Come get your books signed, or your programs signed, or various body parts signed. Whatever floats your boat, yo.

Planet of the Apes – 1pm-2pm – Salon A
Dayton Ward (M), Greg Cox, Robert Greenberger, Hildy Silverman, Kathleen David

With a new movie opening, the franchise approaching its 50th anniversary, and new books and comics coming out, what is it about those damn, dirty apes that keeps us coming back? And what lies ahead?

Upcoming Star Trek Books – 5pm-6pm – Belmont Room
Scott Pearson (M), David Mack, Christopher L. Bennett, Dayton Ward

A preview of forthcoming Star Trek novels from Simon & Schuster with some of their authors, as well as Trek-related titles from other publishers due out this fall and into 2018.

Where No Tale Has Gone Before – 11am-Noon – Chase Room
David Mack (M), Dayton Ward, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christopher L. Bennett, Scott Pearson

After over 50 years, how can there still be fresh stories to tell in Star Trek‘s shared universe? Our panel of Trekspert storytellers discuss what they think makes for solid new Star Trek tales.

And so it goes.

For those of you who may be reading this and planning to attend Shore Leave 39, I hope to see you there!

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