Talking Hearts and Minds with Literary Treks!

hearts-and-minds-coverFor reasons that defy understanding, people like talking to me. On occasion, they even record my yammerings so that other people can then listen to them. It’s a weird thing, I tell you.

This time, I slide up to a microphone long enough to talk with Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson, hosts of‘s Literary Treks podcast, where they talk all about all the latest happenings in the world of Star Trek novels and comics. As luck would have it, we were able to talk a bit about my recently released Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Hearts and Minds.

We talk about the story’s origins, both as a NextGen tale as well as a sequel to my previous novels From History’s Shadow and Elusive Salvation. Among the discussions highlights are some of the parallels I draw to other event from “Star Trek history” as well as how the “Majestic 12” organization that features in all three books may or may not be an ancestor to what eventually becomes Section 31 from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise.

NOTE: For those who might be thinking of listening to this podcast before finishing the novel, please be aware that spoiler discussion is all over the place here.

We also cover a bit of ground about the upcoming Klingon Travel Guide as well as other projects I’ve got going on. Here’s hoping you enjoy the conversation, as the Literary Treks gang is always fun to hang with.


Literary Treks #193: “Dayton’s Treks”

Thanks as always to Dan and Bruce for having me back on the show. I’m guessing it won’t be took long before I’m darkening their studio doorway again. 🙂

Lay it on me.

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