The Book Fairy brought presents from the Final Frontier!

Just delivered by Mr. UPS Guy. Fresh out of the box and pungent with that new-car smell.


That’s right, kids: the Book Fairy delivered my author copies for Hearts and Minds, my new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, which is set to officially go on sale on Tuesday, May 30th.

This means that boxes of books are at this very moment winging their way to bookstores far and wide, so some sharp-eyed folks may spot copies in some stores who opt to shelve them a bit early. Those of you of the e-Book and/or audiobook persuasion will have to wait for the official pub date, since we can’t have bootleg copies uploading to pirate sites too early, now, can we?

As I’ve mentioned before, Hearts and Minds isn’t a direct sequel to From History’s Shadow or Elusive Salvation. That said, there’s definitely a lot of connective tissue. Therefore, the back cover copy is written in a style similar to the previous books, and as was done with Elusive Salvation, I was even able to slide in a tagline that hints at the links.


So, should we have a “Who can spot it first in the wild?” contest for the new book? Pics or it didn’t happen.

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