Cover reveal for PREDATOR: IF IT BLEEDS!

“Get to dah book stoah!”, the UK-based fan news site that covers any and all things happening within the Alien and Predator franchises, has just revealed the cover and full author roster for Predator: If It Bleeds. Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, this anthology of all-new Predator stories is set for publication in October from Titan Books.

Check it out, yo:

predator-antho-cover(Click to Biggie Size)

From the back cover:

“Seventeen brand new, never before seen stories—exclusive to this collection—featuring the Predators throughout space and time. Based entirely on the original films, novels, and comics, PREDATOR: IF IT BLEEDS (a quote from the original movie) reveals the Predators stalking prey in 12th Century Japan, 9th Century Viking Norway, World War I, Vietnam, the Civil War, Hurricane Katrina, and the modern day, as well as across the far reaches of future space.”

Titan’s held the license to publish Alien and Predator novels for a while now, including tales that further the Alien vs Predator mythos that began waaaaaaaay back when in the pages of various Dark Horse comics (and all of it owing to that one scene in Predator 2 where we see the skull of an Alien xenomorph on the Predator’s trophy wall).

I’ve not yet had a chance to play around in the Alien universe, but that’s definitely on my Bucket List. So, too, was Predator, so many thanks to Bryan for inviting me to contribute a story to this new collection.

Authors contributing to the anthology include Jonathan Maberry, Keven J. Anderson, Tim Lebbon, John Shirley, and Mira Grant along with a whole bunch of top-shelf word pushers. For those wondering, my story, “Recon,” is set during the Vietnam War.

Check out AvPGalaxy’s complete rundown of authors and stories:

AvPGalaxy Exclusive – Predator: If It Bleeds – New Predator Anthology Book!

The book is available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you could take its ISBN, 978-1785655401, to your local independent bookseller and have them pre-order it for you. Your hometown merchant will really dig that sort of thing.

So, if it bleeds…will you read it?

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