Talking Headlong Flight with Literary Treks!

headlongflight-coverSo, I’m babbling again. Hey, it happens. What’s weird is that people insist on recording these nonsensical streams of yammering, for later presentation.

This time, it’s hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson, with an assist from former host Matthew Rushing, from Literary Treks, the podcast that focuses on the realm of Star Trek novels and comics. The topic of our little gabfest? My recently released Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Headlong Flight.

Naturally, we cover the story’s setup, which I confess can be a bit confusing at the beginning, and having to juggle multiple sets of characters while attempting to explore the potential those characters hint at. We also talk a bit about the book’s ending, and how now that I’ve seen some reader reactions, that maybe I might have done some things differently if given the chance. Not to say I’m unhappy with the book’s ending, but that I do take notice when people give me some delicious food for thought.

NOTE: For those who might be thinking of listening to this podcast before finishing the novel, please be aware that spoiler discussion is all over the place here.

Otherwise? I hope you enjoy the conversation, as the Literary Treks gang gives good interview.


Literary Treks #180: “Seeing Geordis In My Sleep”

Many thanks as always to Dan, Bruce, and Matt for inviting me on the show. I look forward to our paths crossing again somewhere down the line.

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