Announcing Maximum Velocity: The Best of Full-Throttle Space Tales!

Back in 2008 at the Starfest Convention, I was approached by editor David Rozansky of Flying Pen Press and writer/editor David Boop about editing a collection of short stories for the publisher’s series of pulp-style science fiction stories, Full-Throttle Space Tales. After soliciting stories from friends and other recommended authors, sifting through a veritable gushing fountain of awesome entries, I was able to whittle down the 100+ submissions I received into an offering of 18 stories. The results of my freshman editing effort became Space Grunts, the third installment of the FTST series, which was published in March of 2009.

spacegrunts-coverThere ultimately were six FTST anthologies, each with a different theme and a broad selection of stories to go with their respective book’s central premise:

Space Pirates – edited by David Lee Summers
Space Sirens – edited by Carol Hightshoe
Space Grunts – edited by moi
Space Horrors – edited by David Lee Summers
Space Tramps – edited by Jennifer Brozek
Space Battles – edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Flying Pen has since stopped publishing fiction. All of the original anthologies are out of print (and a couple are listed on sites like Amazon with some truly bizarre secondary market prices), and the rights to the individual stories have reverted back to their original authors.

Skip ahead to early 2014, when David Lee Summers first broached the idea of finding a way to reprint the original FTST anthologies, perhaps with an eye toward one day reviving the series. Though all of the editors were intrigued by the idea, it lay dormant for a while as we all tended to other things on our respective plates. Then, in the summer of 2015, I was at a convention with David and Jennifer Brozek, and revisit the notion. Finding a home for six collections of short stories seemed to be a rather daunting task, so the idea of creating a “Best of” anthology was hatched, while retaining the hope of this perhaps kick-starting a FTST revival.

David, with the help of the aforementioned David Boop, then took our idea to best-selling and award-winning author/editor Kevin J. Anderson, who happens to have his own independent publishing company, WordFire Press. Kevin was enthusiastic about hosting our little anthology, so with that in our pocket, we five editors got to work figuring out what would go in it.

The idea was simple: Each editor selected three to five stories from one of the anthologies for consideration by the other editors. To keep things as impartial as possible, we decided to reread the anthology that came before ours in the sequence (with David pulling double duty since he’d edited two). For example, I went through the stories collected in the second anthology, Space Sirens, and made my recommendations.

The result of our various email conversations, teeth gnashing, sword fighting, thumb wrestling, and so on?


(Click to Biggie Size)


The Full-Throttle Space Tales series collected action-packed, high-octane, science fiction stories across the full potential of the genre. Here, the original editors have teamed up to pick the very best of Full-Throttle Space Tales, eighteen stories collected here for the first time.

Stories by David Boop • C.J. Henderson • W.A. Hoffman • Julia Phillips
David Lee Summers • Carol Hightshoe • Irene Radford • Bob Brown
Scott Pearson • Alan L. Lickiss • Danielle Ackley-McPhail • Dayton Ward
Anna Paradox • Ivan Ewert • Erik Scott de Bie • Shannon Page • Mark J. Ferrari
Gene Mederos • Jean Johnson • Mike Resnick •  Brad R. Torgersen

Buckle up, because we’re accelerating to

Pretty cool, eh?

Maximum Velocity: The Best of Full-Throttle Space Tales, is currently set for publication in June. More details as they firm up, but it’s very possible I’ll have copies with me for the upcoming Shore Leave Convention. Stay tuned, folks, because we’re about to go Full-Throttle!

6 thoughts on “Announcing Maximum Velocity: The Best of Full-Throttle Space Tales!

  1. I got all of those anthologies, starting with Space Grunts (which I bought for Geoff Thorne’s story). They were all great, I was wondering why they stopped publishing them. Didn’t know they completely went out of business. I would love if this lead to more installments.

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