Happy 50th Anniversary, “TrekLit!”

As was pointed out over on the TrekBBS by user “ryan123450,” this month marks the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek Literature.”

Star Trek, the first collection of original series episode adaptations written by noted science fiction author James Blish, was published by Bantam Books in January 1967. It would later be renamed Star Trek 1 once it was obvious that the program of translating the original series scripts to prose form would continue, and indeed it did for eleven more volumes. Blish would also pen one of the very first original Star Trek novels, 1970’s Spock Must Die!

Since then, there has been at least one Star Trek novel or novelization (and in most cases, way, way more than one) published each year over that entire five-decade span. Over time, there would also be short story collections, and comic books, and reference books of every flavor, and just about every other sort of book you can imagine.

It’s somehow fitting that the Star Trek novel published to coincide with this milestone is itself a story set in the era of the original series, written by friend and fellow word pusher Christopher L. Bennett. That whole five-year mission thing has really gone into overtime, amirite?


As someone who’s guilty of adding to that pile over the years, I raise my glass and offer a toast: “Happy Anniversary, TrekLit,” along with my thanks and appreciation to everyone who’s ever been involved with this rather notable endeavor. Damn, but that’s a lot of Trek, y’all.

Here’s to 50 more.


9 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary, “TrekLit!”

    1. Star Trek 1 includes adaptations for:

      “Charlie’s Law” (“Charlie X”)
      “Dagger of the Mind”
      “The Unreal McCoy” (“The Man Trap”)
      “Balance of Terror”
      “The Naked Time”
      “The Conscience of the King”

      I’ll let you decide if any or all of those are “chilling.” 🙂


  1. Thanks for the shout-out to THE FACE OF THE UNKNOWN. Technically, it counts as the last book of the 2016 publishing year, but I still feel I just barely missed the anniversary. So it’s nice to know it commemorates another anniversary.


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