My irregularly recurring tie-in writing wish list.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but since 2016 marked forays into writing for three new licensed property realms, I figure it was a good time to revise my “Tie-In Writing Bucket List.”

Now, don’t get me wrong: Star Trek has been and continues to be very good to me. As I write this, I have two Next Generation novels due for publication in 2017, along with the Klingon Travel Guide. It’s still at the top of my personal heap, even as I explore other sandboxes in which to play along with working to flesh out a couple of original fiction concepts I’m hoping to shop to publishers in the coming year.

But, hey! Tie-ins are fun.

In 2016 and in addition to my Trek output, I also had a Mars Attacks novella published, The Armageddon Directive, along with my 24 novel Trial By Fire. A Planet of the Apes short story I wrote will hit stands in January, as part of the new anthology Tales from the Forbidden Zone. As for 2017? I’ll be kicking off things with a Predator short story that’ll be due to its editor at the end of January, and I’ve got outlines in process for novels for two other licensed properties which are new to me (and whose identities I can’t yet reveal).

So far as licensed properties go, what’s still on my Bucket List? Well, I’ve only had my Planet of the Apes itch slightly scratched, so that’s one pool with a deep end into which I’d love to dive headfirst. Whether we’re talking the “classic” Apes continuity or the newer reboot version, I’d be game.

Longtime readers know that The Six Million Dollar Man is very high up on my wish list, neck and neck with Apes. There’s a new film version supposedly in development, which brings with it the possibility of tie-ins based in that continuity, but the classic series is definitely one I’d love to visit, given the opportunity. Another one from those thrilling days of yesteryear? Space: 1999. Why? Because I still want my other car to be one of those bitchin’ Eagle transports.

There are more recent properties out there, too. Alien, Mission: Impossible or The Expendables? Yeah, I’m in. 24 is definitely a world I’d want to go back to, as I loves me some Jack Bauer. In related one-man badass killing machine news, John Wick is a dude I’d love to tackle. Elsewhere, the NCIS franchise calls to me in all sorts of ways. There currently are tie-ins for the main show’s two spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, but the original recipe lacks them, and likely will never see them. I’d be keen to try any or all of these. Throw in rebooted Hawaii Five-0, while you’re at it, because despite it’s often clunky and even hilarious leaps of plot logic, the characters keep me coming back.

Indiana Jones? James Bond? G.I. Joe? I’d be so there.

Bottom line? There are a lot of playgrounds out there, with all sorts of cool toys.

I’ve posed this question before, but I’m throwing it out there again: For those of you who read my stuff and have your own favorite films, TV shows, and so on, what would you like to see me take a crack at?

6 thoughts on “My irregularly recurring tie-in writing wish list.

      1. I agree with you on that. The second season was too fantasy and they stripped out the cool science and science fiction, and the third season was a war season. I’ve always wanted Rockne to do a reboot/sequel and retain creative control.


        1. I liked Oliver Hudson as a counterpoint to Nathan Bridger, but after a second retooling and Roy Scheider wanting a reduced role, the writing was on the wall for the show.


  1. I think you’d write a superior COLUMBO. 🙂 But, honestly, I’d love to see your take on a Rusty Kohl/Martin Hart story (beat out Pizzolatto).


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