New interview with me & Kevin @!

You think people would learn their lesson, and quit calling us, but nooooOOOOoooo. certainly hasn’t.

st-waypoint2-subscriptioncoverLate last month, the popular fan-driven Star Trek news site, for reasons surpassing understanding, dispatched intrepid interviewer Rich Shepis to talk to me and Kevin, without even the courtesy of giving him combat pay or even body armor. Nope. They just threw him at us, like the innocent little lamb that he is. I mean, “was.”

The result? A new joint interview with me and Kevin, which has now gone live over on TrekMovie. The topic? Mostly, it’s us yammering at length about our recent foray into comics writing. Specifically, that spiffy second issue of the Star Trek: Waypoint mini-series from IDW Publishing, as so ably overseen by the wonderful Sarah Gaydos and Christopher Cerasi, who almost without doubt are only now coming to grips with the horror of having invited us into their sandbox to play even for a brief while.

The interview was conducted via teleconference, with Rich transcribing our non-stop, ear-splitting cacophony of stream-of-conscious babbling. Hey, Kevin and I have been doing this for a long, long time by this point, so anybody daring to interview us both at the same time should really know better, don’t you think?

Everybody give it up for Rich. He weathered the storm, and lived to tell the tale.

Anyway, go check out our new confab, courtesy of Rich and TrekMovie, if only so you can behold the line that gave me my first true out-loud laugh of the day:

“Chemistry is that one intangible that either exists in a situation or doesn’t, and has contributed to form some of the greatest partnerships of all-time, including Lennon/McCartney, Kirk/Spock, and Star Trek writing partners Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward. In fact, the duo is perhaps the greatest off-screen bromance seen in the franchise’s history.”

Dammit. That’s funny.

TrekMovie.Com: INTERVIEW – Authors Kevin Dilmore & Dayton Ward

(Photo Credit: Janice Sanborn)

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