Talking Time Travel with UnderDiscussion!

undergopherlogoRemember a few weeks ago, when I blabbed about talking with the UnderDiscussion gang about Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary and the new movie? I also mentioned that we actually recorded two episodes for their podcasts that afternoon. Once all the Trek talk was done, we moved on to something that’s a staple not just of Trek but science fiction in general: time travel!

Yep, this time I sat with the UnderGopher gang to discuss this time-tested trope (yeah, I said it), mostly as portrayed in film and TV even though we were still able to slide some book talk into the mix.

In addition to the expected nods and shout-outs to stuff like the Back to the Future trilogy and the Terminator films, we also managed to reach for some deeper cuts like Time After Time (a personal favorite), The Final Countdown (a guilty pleasure), Somewhere In Time and even Peggy Sue Got Married. Of course, no serious discussion of time travel in movies is complete without the requisite salutes to such cinematic masterpieces as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Shut up.

What’s did our temporal blathering yield?

UnderDiscussion #238: Time Travel

Thanks once again to Dustin, Kevin, and Brady for inviting me back to hang with them for a bit. I figure you guys will learn your lesson, sooner or later. 🙂

Lay it on me.

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