Check out a preview for Star Trek: Waypoint #2!

Awwwwwwwwww, yeah.

So, you know that my hetero life mate, Kevin, and I got a chance to write a Star Trek comic story for IDW Publishing earlier in the year. Never content to do things in anything resembling “a normal fashion,” we pitched an idea that was so crazy, we figured that we’d either be told to go away and never come back, or else we’d be welcomed because our odd notion was just weird enough to work. What did we come up with?


Working with veteran comic artist Gordon Purcell, the results of our unchecked nerdity is “The Menace of the Mechanitrons!” It’s what we hope is a loving homage to the delightfully wacky Gold Key Star Trek comics of old. Come on. You remember those, right?


Our story is partnered with a new tale penned by Sam Maggs (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy) and illustrated by one of my favorite comics artists currently in the game, Rachael Stott, which will focus on the backstory of Yeoman Leslie Thompson, who holds the dubious distinction of being the only female “redshirt” to die in an episode of the original Star Trek series (“By Any Other Name,” for those of you keeping score).

According to comics release schedules, Star Trek: Waypoint #2 is due in stores on Wednesday, November 16th, but pop culture news site Adventures in Poor Taste has a preview of the new issue, including some page previews of our story! Check it out:

AITP: [EXCLUSIVE] IDW Preview: Star Trek: Waypoint #2


Gordon’s art really sells the whole thing, and he also provided the art for the issue’s “subscription variant” cover, which is one of three created for the issue, including the “regular” cover illustrated by artist David Malan.


I recommend buying ten or twenty copies of each cover. You may as well get an early start on holiday shopping, amirite?

Many, many thanks to editors Sarah Gaydos and Chris Cerasi for inviting us into her corner of the Star Trek “expanded universe” to play for a while, and to Gordon and colorist Jason Lewis for taking our nutty idea and truly making it sing. I can’t wait to hold an actual copy of this baby in my grubby little paws. 🙂


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