Talking Star Trek 50 and Beyond with UnderDiscussion!

undergopherlogoA few weeks ago, the gang at UnderDiscussion enticed me to return to their lair in order to talk about a subject near and dear to all our hearts: Star Trek!

Talking with the UnderGopher gang is always fun, and while a few of our conversations have gone for hours at a time, we were able to behave ourselves on this occasion and keep things to just about an hour for this episode. On the other hand, we recorded another episode with a different topic that afternoon, and that will form a future installment of the podcast.

So, what did we talk about this time? We discussed Trek‘s 50th anniversary and the latest feature film, Star Trek Beyond. We also touched a bit on various sidebar topics such as conventions, anniversary-related events and merchandise, the reboot movies in general, and we hope to see when the new Star Trek: Discovery series bows next year. As I’ve said elsewhere, I enjoyed the latest Trek film, and I’m excited by Discovery and can’t wait to see what the cast and crew throw at us.

We also talked about the Fast and Furious movies, because hey! Justin Lin, yo.

What’s the result of all this blathering? Check it out:

UnderDiscussion: Star Trek 50th and Beyond

Thanks as always to Dustin, Kevin, and Brady for inviting me back to the show. I imagine we’ll do it again soon. 🙂


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