Okay, it’s really a real audiobook, now!

Stick this in your ears.

My mail carrier brought good tidings today, in the form of the audiobook adaptation of Purgatory’s Key, as narrated in exceptional fashion by actor Robert Petkoff. Sure, the digital version’s been available since the paperback was released back in August, but now I get to cradle the little precious in my actual hands. Behold the physical media goodness!


That’s right, kids: 9 CDs of adventure and excitement, suitable for listening in your supposedly obsolete and yet still pretty damned reliable listening device du jour.

Though I’m increasingly turning to digital for my music and audio purchases, as well as e-Book purchases, of course, I’m still very much a physical media guy when it comes to stuff I figure on keeping. I already have all three of the Legacies digital audiobooks, but there’s still something very satisfying about being able to hold something like this in your hands.

And yes, this book does in fact mark the first time one of my/mine and Kevin’s novels has been adapted for audio. 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush had an audiobook version earlier in the year, marking the first time one of my short stories was commercially adapted for the format. So, on that front, it’s been a heck of a year, and 2017 is looking promising, too, as I’ve already been informed that my next novel, Headlong Flight, will also receive the audio treatment. I’m hoping this marks the start of a new era of Star Trek audiobooks, as the format seems to be doing quite well in other genres.

Keep those digits crossed, but in the meantime? I’ve got some cool new ear fodder.

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