Bucs Blog! 2016 Season, Week 7.

A win after a bye week, which itself followed a win? Heck yeah. This almost feels like football again.

Bucs 34 – 49ers 17

Now, granted, we are talking about a victory over the beleaguered San Francisco 49ers, so it’s not like it’s time for us to bust out the champagne and start making plans for February or anything. However, the win was still sorely needed, at a time when the Bucs are dealing with injuries at key positions and questions linger about quarterback Jameis Winston’s ability to lead a sustained Tampa offensive attack.

Mr. Winston quelled some of that doubt yesterday, though. After falling behind by 14 points in the first quarter and notching an early interception, the Bucs with Winston at the controls proceeded to log 27 unanswered points. Winston had plenty of help from the Tampa defense, who managed to harass 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick in various ways throughout the day. That included sacking him four times, recovering a fumble, and notching an interception. They also kept San Fran from returning to the scoreboard with but a single field goal exception, giving Winston and the offense every opportunity to seize and maintain the lead.

Sure, it wasn’t the Patriots, but a win’s a win, baby.

The victory improves the Bucs to 3-3 and a half-game behind Atlanta in the NFC South. The Falcons lost yesterday, as did the Saints. Only Carolina was spared, as they enjoyed their own bye week.

Next up? Back home to Tampa to host the Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Wherever the Hell They’re Going Next Year Raiders, who currently sit at 5-2 and first place in the AFC West Division, and coming off their own win against the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. Definitely a serious challenge for the Bucs, who are still looking for that higher gear.

Here’s hoping, right?

Bucs Life. Argh.

Lay it on me.

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