Coming soon: Star Trek – The Classic UK Comics, Volume 2!

It’s been not quite a year since IDW Publishing announced plans to collect and publish Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics. I vividly remember that day, as it was upon reading said announcement that all fluids simultaneously fled my body in a spectacular display I have yet to equal.

Or, something.

Anyway, what’s this all about? Back in the late 1960s, at the time the original series was on the air and the Gold Key Star Trek comics were being published, these rather unique strips were showing up in the pages of different magazines published in the United Kingdom. Never released here in the U.S., the strips represent yet another fascinating nugget all but forgotten Star Trek comics history. It took some serious effort over a lot of years, notably on the part of comics and Star Trek guru Rich Handley, to get these babies collected, along with someone with the will to make it all happen.

Enter IDW.

Seriously, read here to get a bit of scoop on the effort to get these collected. Then go to John Freeman’s blog to read even more.

The first volume of collected strips was released back in March, and the comics are as gloriously goofy and undeniably charming as advertised. They make the Gold Key comics look normal, yo.

And now? Volume 2 is almost upon us, due out in late November or early December:


If the first volume is any indication, this second collection will be equally awesome, and I can’t wait to add it to my collection. I mean, where else are you going to find stuff like this?

trekukcomics-sample01(Click to Biggie Size)

Yes, I know there’s a faction among uber-serious Trek fans who will not think highly of this rather stylized representation of Captain Kirk and the gang, but there’s no way I’m letting them dampen my fun. These quirky gems are gloriously goofy, and yet undeniably charming, just like the Gold Key comics and other odd bits of 1970s-era Star Trek merchandise.

Is it December yet?

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