It’s #BevCrusherDay over on Twitter!

Right on the heels of Columbus Day (or “Indigenous Peoples Day,” or “People Who Were Fucking Here First, Dickheads Day,” if you prefer) comes “#BevCrusherDay” on Twitter.

“What, pray tell, is #BevCrusherDay?” I can hear some of you mumbling to yourselves and each other.

Glad you asked.

As established in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Conundrum,” Dr. Beverly Crusher (née Howard), chief medical officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D (and E!) was born on October 13, 2324, in Copernicus City on Luna.

That’s “the Moon” for you non-nerds.

Therefore, Star Trek fans on the internet have seized the opportunity to celebrate their favorite character by calling attention to her via “#BevCrusherDay.”


It certainly doesn’t hurt that the actress who portrayed Doctor Crusher, Gates McFadden, has become something of a Twitter Trek celebrity in recent years, joining the ranks of Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton, and Sir Patrick Stewart. And hey, if Captain Picard can have his own day, why not the Dancing Doctor?

“Okay, Dayton,” I can hear someone wondering, “but why are you posting about it?”

Because a Star Trek fan asked me nicely, that’s why. See? I’m not such a curmudgeon, at least all the time. Also–and I admit that this is a bit self-serving on my part–seeing as I’m one of the word pushers helping to carry forward in novel form the story of Doctor Crusher and the rest of the Enterprise crew, I figured, “Why the heck not?”

Anyway, assuming you’re a Star Trek fan and a Beverly Crusher fan, here’s the deets on the whole thing:


Everybody got it?

(Of course, if you’re not a Star Trek fan or a Beverly Crusher fan, there’s not much I can do for you at this point. Here, watch some pandas.)

So, without any more yammering on my part, go forth and celebrate #BevCrusherDay!


Lay it on me.

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