New interview with’s Literary Treks!

Yes. I’m babbling again. I babble, and people record the results for later broadcast. It’s a weird world in which we live, ain’t it?

Legacies-3-CoverThis time, I’m pulling double duty in Kevin’s absence as I have a sit down with hosts Matthew Rushing, Dan Gunther, and Bruce Gibson over at Literary Treks, the podcast devoted to exploring Star Trek tales in prose and comic form.

The focus of this latest chat is Purgatory’s Key, the novel Kevin and I wrote to round out the Star Trek: Legacies trilogy which is part of Pocket Books’ celebration of Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary. We spend a good bit of time talking about how the project came together, what it’s like to collaborate with Kevin as well as with fellow wordsmiths Greg Cox and David Mack (hint: It’s fun).

ST-Waypoint2-SubscriptionCoverWe also talk about other things I have in the pipeline like the Klingon Empire travel guide, my collaboration with Kevin for IDW’s Star Trek: Waypoint comics mini-series, and my next couple of Star Trek novel projects. To warn you up front, I spend a lot of time gushing about the comic, because it’s JUST SO DARNED COOL. It’s definitely one of those dream projects that you just latch onto when opportunity strikes, so yeah, I’m having a ton of fun with it. I’m sure pretty much everyone will be sick of me talking about it soon, but there I’ll be….still yammering about it.

Anyway, the interview runs about an hour, give or take, so have a listen, if you’re of a mind to do just that:

Literary Treks #163: Pinochle Buddies

Thanks very much to Matt, Dan, and Bruce for having me on the show. It’s always fun to hang with them and geek out for a bit. Until next time!


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