Talking about Midnight Run with the Gettysburg’s Address podcast!

My friend Nick Minecci launched a new podcast a while back, The Gettysburg’s Address. The show’s name is derived from Nick’s online handle, “Gettysburg7,” and it’s here that he invites various creators to discuss pop culture and whatever else seems to stick its claws into the societal consciousness from time to time.

For a change of pace, Nick invited me over so that we could talk about movies we like.


First up? A mutual favorite and a truly underappreciated gem from the one of the best decades for action movies, the 1980s: Midnight Run. This is a film I’ve babbled about a few times, and it’s one of those movies that I’ll watch at the drop of a hat. Nick and I have been known to have entire conversations using dialogue from this flick. What’s it about? As I once yammered:

MidnightRunWhat happens when an ex-cop turned bounty hunter is sent to find an accountant who embezzled millions from the mob, and who’s now being hunted by mobsters as well as the FBI as he tries to get his fugitive from New York to L.A. before the accountant’s bail bond defaults?

Comedy gold, that’s what.

Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin lead a stellar cast in one of the best-ever twists on the old “odd couple” buddy movie formula. Released in 1988, Midnight Run sort of got overlooked due its release in close proximity to another little action movie you may have heard of, Die Hard.

When Nick decided that he and I should partner up every so often to devote episodes of the Address to “movies you may not have seen, but should go and watch right now,” Midnight Run was the first one we both suggested.

What follows is basically a recorded version of one of our late-night conversations/instant message back-n-forths, though perhaps somewhat more understandable. Have a listen:

The Gettysburg’s Address – Episode 3: Midnight Run

Thanks very much to Nick for having me on the show, and to Michael Medeiros for handling all the technical voodoo in his usual stellar fashion.



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