New interview about 24: Trial By Fire!

24-TrialByFire-FrontCover“Dammit, Chloe!”

With all of the hoopla surrounding Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary, which included my involvement in not one but two books released in close proximity to that momentous occasion, it’s easy to forget that I had another book published in and around all of that.

Now that 24: Trial By Fire is in the wild, I’m starting to get requests for interviews from different quarters. Last week, I did a podcast interview with Joshua Rivers of The 24 Podcast, which is a fan-based news and info site about all things Jack Bauer. We chatted about the book and the fact that I’ve been a 24 nerd since the first episode, and what we’re hoping to see from the series coming next year, 24: Legacy. Have a listen, whydontcha:

The 24 Podcast – 24: Trial By Fire with author Dayton Ward

Thanks to Joshua and everybody else over there, for having me on the show!



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