New interview about the Vulcan Travel Guide.

Yes, summer is winding down and kids will soon be heading back to school, but there’s still time left to sneak in one last quick vacation. Why not head to Vulcan?

(Insert joke about Vulcan being destroyed thanks to the newer Trek movies, because you’re absolutely the first person to make that joke. No, really.)

Rich Schepis over at recently interviewed me about Hidden Universe Travel Guide – Star Trek: Vulcan, my new book which was published by Insight Editons on July 19th. His accompanying review also includes shout-outs and previews of the book’s amazing ilustrations, as created by artists Livio Ramondelli and Peter Markowski. The interview covers the writing of the book, but also the terrific fun I had working with Insight and learning how “art heavy” books like this come together.

Check out the interview here: If You’re Vacationing On Vulcan This Summer, Check Out Dayton Ward’s Travel Guide

Thanks to Rich and the TrekMovie for boosting the signal for the new book!

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