Saturday news roundup: 24! Vegas! Interview! Polls!

It seems I’ve been remiss with this blogging thing, so I figure a single post to address all the stuff I keep forgetting to write about is in order. Might want to refresh your drinks, folks. We could be here a while.

dayton-24First…hey! This weekend closes out my still in-progress “Where’s My Book 2016” picture poll. Several fans took the time to send in some pretty sweet pics of my books in various locales, and the best of those is now featured in this very poll right here. Check out the photos and vote for your favorites. Voting closes tomorrow night! The top three vote-getters will each receive an autographed advance reader proof copy of my upcoming 24 novel, Trial By Fire!

24-TrialByFire-FrontCoverSpeaking of Trial by Fire, is currently holding a sweepstakes to win copies of the book. The contest is underway now and runs through August 2nd. Visit this link for all the details and enter to win your copy!

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Janet Gershen-Siegel, who was conducting a series of interviews with writer as part of a summer project for college. She apparently is getting graded and everything, so I hopefully didn’t send her grades into the dumpster with our little convo. You can listen to the final version of the interview on YouTube. Thanks to Janet for letting me help her out a bit!

And finally….Vegas, baby! Vegas!


That’s right, the monstrous Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention is looming, and it will be five days of jam-packed Trekness at the Rio in Vegas. Kevin and I will be there along with several thousand of our closest friends and maybe even some actual celebrities. As things stand now, Kevin and I are officially slated to participate in the following panel discussions:

Hallmark invites fans to take a journey into Christmas pasts and revisit some of the most iconic Keepsake Ornaments. First introduced in 1991, Hallmark’s iconic Star Trek ornaments celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. Join legendary Hallmark ship ornament sculptor Lynn Norton as well as Hallmark’s Christine Taylor and Kevin Dilmore as they share insight on the selection of process, the creation as well as the success of these annual fan favorites.

The Star Trek universe is one that is constantly expanding and developing. Authors Robb Pearlman, Dayton Ward, and Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann share what it’s like to publish the current and expanding Star Trek universe. From giving fans insight on what it’s like to be a redshirt (Star Trek: Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom), a travel guide for your next visit to Vulcan (Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek: Vulcan), a breakdown of Star Trek’s technology, Starfleet, allies and enemies (The Star Trek Book), and a look at five decades of fashion (Star Trek: Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier).

Join a panel of Star Trek authors (Kevin Dilmore, Dayton Ward, Paula Block and Terry Erdmann) as they share their experiences working on some of the New York Times bestselling Star Trek novels. The authors will share their storytelling approach, their creative process and what the future holds when it comes to novels that take place in space… the final frontier.

We’re also slated to do autograph signings at The G&T Show booth at various points throughout the weekend, and it’s possible there will be signings at other vendor booths such as where they’re selling our books. Watch my Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even Instagram updates throughout the weekend. Details on that as they firm up!

Okay. I think that’s enough news for one day, right?

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