We’re gonna write a Star Trek comic!


Several months ago, IDW Star Trek comics editor Sarah Gaydos reached out to me via e-Mail, asking if I might be interested in participating in a special comics project she was developing to celebrate Trek‘s 50th anniversary. The conversation kinda sorta went like this:

Sarah: So, you want to write a Trek comic?
Sarah: Um, cool. I guess. Hang on. Let me rethink this.
Me: I should probably admit up front that I have no comics writing experience.
Sarah: That’s okay. You can hold somebody’s hand.
Me: I’ve got my writing partner, Kevin! He knows how to do this stuff!
Sarah: Great. He can hold your hand.
Me: It’s not like that between us.
Sarah: Whatevs, dude. I’ve seen the pictures.


So, naturally the first step was to submit a couple of quick pitches to get the brainstorming into gear. She asked us to send her a few ideas just to see if we could hit on something that we might then further develop. I immediately hit on an idea that I was sure would either be received with great enthusiasm or else convince Sarah that she’d made a colossal mistake in reaching out to me in the first place. Thankfully, she was as excited by my notion as I was, and very quickly gave us a thumbs up and a green light. What did I suggest?

That’s right, y’all: She went with our pitch to write a story that pays homage to the old Gold Key Trek comics of yesteryear. We are so totally journeying back to the days of landing parties with backpacks and utility belts, Spock with oversized ears, and the Enterprise belching fire from its warp nacelles.

GoldKey-01Because why the hell not? Sooner or later, somebody was going to try something like this, so why not us? Isn’t this just the sort of crazy thing you’d expect from me and Kevin?


Ours will be one of two stories set to appear in the second issue of Star Trek: Waypoint, a six-issue mini-series of special one-off tales written by veteran Trek comics scribes as well as newcomers and your favorite boneheads, me and Kevin. The tale which will accompany ours hasn’t yet been announced, and I don’t even know what it will be about or who will be creating it. All I know at this point is that the issue is set to hit stores in November. I’ve heard rumors about who might be contributing stories to the other issues, but I’m waiting to see those announcements just like everybody else.

Oh, and making this whole deal even sweeter? The art for our gloriously insane Gold Key-esque story will be provided by none other than Gordon Purcell, who lists among his rather lengthy list of comics credits numerous issues of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation from DC’s late 1980s/early 1990s run, as well as Malibu Comics’ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the mid 90s (“All of which I bought month to month, back in the day,” Dayton says without shame). Indeed, he’s already provided the cover art that will pay tribute to those glorious Gold Key covers from way back when, with colors by Jason Lewis. Check it out, yo:


(Click to Biggie Size)

So, to say I’m rather excited by this project is pretty much the stupidest understatement ever uttered by any member of any sentient species anywhere in the universe, ever.

Many, many thanks to Sarah and IDW for inviting us into their corner of the Star Trek sandbox. This is going to be so much fun.


7 thoughts on “We’re gonna write a Star Trek comic!

  1. This sounds damned cool! Just so you know, though, John Byrne already did a Gold Key-themed Star Trek comic about a year or two ago.


    1. He had a story where Kirk visits an alternate reality that lets him play with GK elements for a couple of pages. Likewise, the animated series.

      We’re going all in. This will be GK from top to bottom, inside an out. 😀


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