Announcing PREDATOR: THE HUNTED, a new anthology. Guess who?

Awwwwwwwwwwww, yeah.

Since editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt has made the announcement over on his Facebook page, I’m guessing that means I’m free to announce that I’ve accepted his invitation to contribute a story to Predator: The Hunted, a new short story anthology coming next year from Titan Books, based on the iconic film series.

In addition to my goofy self, Bryan has enlisted these other fine writers to the cause:

predator01Kevin J. Anderson
Jonathan Maberry
Seanan McGuire (writing as Mira Grant)
Larry Correia
Tim Lebbon
Steve Perry
S.D. Perry
Lawrence Watt-Evens (writing as Nathan Archer)
Jeremy Robinson
Weston Ochse
Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Holly Roberds
Jennifer Brozek
Wendy Wagner

Tentatively scheduled to join the lineup are Neo Edmund along with friends David Boop & Peter Wacks.

That’s quite a lineup, including several folks who’ve previously written for this property.

To be perfectly honest–and this is actually a little embarrassing–I’d forgotten about this. Bryan’s invitation came back during the first part of the year when I was dealing with my mother and my wife’s health issues, and he stressed at the time that it was a just a preliminary invite and that I shouldn’t get too worried about it. So, I was excited to see his announcement this afternoon, and that I was still on the roster.

(Of course, this means I actually have to come up with a story idea. Nobody tell him that, though. It’ll just be our little secret, all right?)

Well, all righty then! I’m adding this to the queue of Things to Do. I ain’t got time to bleed, but I’m definitely gonna make time to write!

Many thanks to Bryan for extending the invitation. This is gonna be fun. 😀

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