Mars Attacks prezzies!

Hey, you remember last year when I got the chance to write a Mars Attacks novella, right? What? You forgot? How? I mean, I yammered about it to the point of being genuinely annoying, other than my usual state of just being merely annoying. 

The Armageddon Directive was commissioned as a “backer reward” for a Kickstarter campaign that Topps ran to crowdfund a new set of Mars Attacks trading cards. Being a fan of the property, of course I jumped at the chance to do it. Set in the 1960s, the novella I wrote serves as a prequel to the rebooted storyline that is told by the new Mars Attacks: Occupation cards and which unfolds in the “modern day.” It was tremendous fun to write. 

One of the things that made it so much fun was working with my editor, Adam Levine (no, not him), who made sure I had everything I needed to be up to date on all things Mars Attacks. He also saw to it that the novella even got a piece of kick-ass cover art, created by artist Steve Epting. 


Adam then told me the art would also serve as a bonus card in the new set. 


Okay, enough recapping. Why are we here  today? Because of what arrived in today’s mail:

Awwwwww, yeah. 

Many thanks to Adam, who made sure I got a nice stack of these bad boys, and for inviting me to do the novella in the first place. Will there be more Mars Attacks stories? I have no idea, but, “Never say never,” is something of a mantra in this line of work, right?

Ack Ack Ack!

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